Galatians 1:10

Who’s pleasure am I seeking?
Am I workin’ for my own?
Do I think I have control,
That I’m takin up a loan?

Is this my life or another’s?
For me or for my brothers?

Did I give it to my God when I was born again?
Or was I just speakin’ words, hey, I’m just sayin’…

…if I’s a dyin’ to my self, an’ takin up my cross,
Puttin’ my old life on the the shelf, though it may seem like I have lost,

Can I take parts of it back,
Did I really lay it down?
Is the old body still intact,
And just covered with a gown?

If I gave it up to God,
Then it’s His pleasure that I am after.
The King who offers life,
the One who rules forever. 

So, I follow the True Leader,
not the world or my best friends,
Not the popular crowds or preachers,
For it’s God who comprehends,

The big picture, He can see,
What is better, who we should be. 

He will speak through us all, in the ways that He sees fit,
He will teach through His servants, as we all are closely knit. 

He will be revealed in situations, 
in His time and perfect plan.
Not our carefully laid out schedules,
If it’s all in our God’s hands. 


There’s A Role

For each individual there’s a part to play,
We function together in a Christ-only way.
As a body connected to Christ as the head,
No other way can be possibly said.

We can’t have a hand or a knee in the lead,
Or there’s no possible way for us to proceed.
It won’t do for a foot to have its own say,
When it’s truly the Head who knows the best way.

He’s our Shepherd, a Leader, and love to His own,
No better guidance, leading, or love can be shown.
We think we have need for a person to be,
The model, example, and only leader we see.

We think it’s just fine,
to put a man first in line,
It seems it’s okay,
to not have Christ lead the way.

We replace parts of the Head of the Body of Christ,
With someone well-known,
Who can easily entice.

More than 90% have a function and role,
We should each have a part as we work as a whole,
Of the hand we expect to be much of our sight,
But without Christ who’s the eyes, it’s a constant fight.

With a hand in the lead we’re reduced to a crawl,
With our foot as a guide, we barely move at all.
Even if we are moving, are we going the right way? We don’t have the eyes, so how can we really say?
Are we just going to guess, and wish for the best?
Will we feel for what’s close and forget of the rest?

Living this way, how can we move on?
It’s as though we’ve been working from dusk until dawn.

Does it mean we do nothing, to be idle, and sit back?
Certainly not! For there are functions that we now often lack.

There’s a role for you, and there’s a role for me,
A person God’s given us the decision to be.
Are we willing to step, without seeing ahead?
To walk on a path that is narrow instead?

We can’t know the future–what God has in store,
But we know He is offering a now open door.

So with patience and trust, I humbly suggest,
we follow the Lord with our life on our quest.
Remember our God, remember our goal,
Remember our purpose, and love as a whole.
Remember our Leader, the Truth, and the Word,
That we are the followers, of the Good News that’s been heard.

Time isn’t mine.

Time isn’t a game for man to play,
or a song that begins and ends in a day,
It’s a temporary thing; it won’t always exist, 
It’s not for our pleasure, yet we always persist.

I think I deserve a time all my own,
Time for anyone else is simply a loan.
It isn’t that way-or at least it shouldn’t be-
For not even a day should belong to me. 

‘Cause that day that I gave my life to my God,
Has made taking it back seem rather odd. 

A season will pass, the harvest will come,
The celebration that day, will be only for some. 

The time that I’ve given,
It’s worth all the loss,
For forgiveness we have 
By the gift on the cross.

We’ve been offered a gift,
Eternal life with our King,
that can’t be replaced by any earthly thing.