The Real Thing

I don’ care if it’s strange or I’m seen as bein’ mis’rable,
Cause it’s not that way, though sometimes I’m not so 
That’s not always gonna be, what my life is all about,
Neva a scrape on the knee is somethin’ I highly doubt,
There’s a pain, there’s a sufferin’
A joy in the offerin’,
A life in bein born again,
Not a thing that’s ev’ry now and then,
It’s an everlastin’ happenin’,
I was lost now I’m forgiven.
I am found and now I’m free from sin,
I’ve turned around, now I begin,
A new person, a believer,
No longer followin’ deceivers.
Born again Christian, 
that’s who I’m gonna be,
A Jesus Christ follower, 
of the only One who has the key. 
Not just a word that’s a lie
on my profile inf’mation,
like I had in my life show,
But now it’s shown I’m my action.
The Word is my guidance,
To the path that I am on,
I’m not takin’ another chance,
the old path is now gone.