At the Roots We Begin

Deep in the heart at the roots we begin.
Before long all will see what is really within.

What is there soon spreads to the branches and leaves,
It is seen in every fruit the tree soon conceives. 

It’s not for good looks, life isn’t a show,
It’s not to impress so others may know.

We’re not living for our pleasure,
Not if we have the real Treasure. 

What we thought we needed has faded away,
The necessary One is now inside us to stay.


True Priceless Beauty

A beauty that’s lasting, 
With no beginning or end.
It is seen, it can’t be hidden,
It’s strong, it doesn’t bend.

It’s not an outward appearance,
That the world soon invades.
Not superficial or temporary,
It never perishes, or fades.

It’s what I long to hold, 
In my heart, it’s what I’m seeking,
It never grows old, 
On my knees I am reaching,

For this beauty I see,
I know it will never be gone,
It’s this beauty that made me,
And the rock I am on.

How can I go without,
That which can change what’s inside me?
How can I doubt,
That this is the true priceless beauty?

The Pressure Is On

The pressure is on,
There’s choices to make. 
Hope seems to be gone,
Which way should I take?

What will be next?
What does the future hold?
What was warm and inviting,
Has now become cold.

It seems all is different,
Not like it used to be.
I never know what to expect,
I never know what I’ll see. 

On my own I can’t go on,
By my own strength I can’t stay strong.
I feel as though I am misplaced,
Unsure as to where I belong.
The stress is unbearable,
The days seem to grow longer.
My heart is yearning,
With an unsatisfied hunger.

My hands try to grasp,
In the dark I work to find my way. 
There’s questions I have to ask,
Things I feel I need to say.

Is there any to listen,
Who understands what I speak?
Does anyone have the answers
To the questions that I seek?

Is there any who is able to satisfy this hunger I hold?
Who can fill my heart with content, where the world and it’s darkness no longer have control?

I’ve been held in the chains of sin and regret,
In darkness I’ve given up,
Saying, “I can’t be perfect.” 

So why even try? What hope does it bring? 
What life does it give? While I’m still the same being?

A small voice in the distance,
Starts to come to my ear,
It gradually grows as I run to draw near, 

I know somethings there,
There really is someone who cares,

I’m longing for help, hope is starting to grow,
The small light that I see is starting to show,

There’s a way to be free,
A way to let go,
Of this weight on my shoulders,
There really is, I just know!

There’s One who wants me,
Who loves me and cares,
There’s One who calls me,
Who has a gift that He shares,

To all who will except,
And run towards the One,
Who holds the light, 
The Father, Spirit, and Son.

The straight path can be seen,
I know my life can be made clean,

I can have a relationship with One I’ve never had before,
There’s a King who is asking, and waiting, if only I go to open the door. 

He is strong, He is wise, He knows beginning and end,
He’s the Creator, the Counselor,
We are his bride, He is our Friend.

The Keys To My Heart

You hold the keys to my heart,
Nobody can take them, and tear me apart,
They’re in Your control, I give them up to You. 
My mind, body, and soul, only You can be true to.  

In Your trust I confide, in Your strength I reside,
It’s Your love that I cling to, it’s You that I sing to, 

my God my provider, my friend and my Father, I bow on my knees to, 
I give you the keys to my heart…
Lord I give you the keys to my heart. 
The fire down inside me is no longer mine,
Of what I thought I controlled, I now have resigned. 
Of all that was due, it has all now been paid, 
My Lover is True, by Him I am saved.

The Sun Rises, The Maker Is Known.

The sun begins to ascend over the horizon, 
The joyful dance of the flower has just begun.

The grandeurs of the creation are disclosed,
Mountains and rocks in their strength are firmly posed. 

Existence is evident, greatness is recorded, 
The Maker is known, mans ideas are distorted.

In all this we see that none have as great a power
As the One who has laid out time, every minute, day, and hour.

The Love Letter

Love can’t be bought with diamonds or gold, 
It’s a gift that is so tender and precious to hold,
True love is everlasting, not a temporary feeling,
A letter that’s written with an eternal sealing.
It cannot be taken and it cannot be sold,
Love is something that never grows old. 
It’s indescribable in so many ways,
Never leaves because true love always stays.
Has it always existed?
From where did it come?
How was it made?
Is it only for some?
By the Maker of life
did true love begin,
He started the pulse
Of the heart deep within.
It’s love we can’t share if we don’t have it ourself,
The sweet letter we’ve been sent is often left on the shelf.
We can’t take it in, if we don’t know the writer,
This gift comes only from Christ the Inviter. 

My hearts desire

In my faith I often fail,
In my weakness I won’t prevail.
In my trust I sometimes doubt,
My God I can’t go without. 

It’s not me who has the power,
If it were just me I’d only cower.
It’s God who has the plan,
Though I may not understand.

It’s the creator of life and of this earth,
The One who has shown us worth.
The struggles and temptations,
The battle of complications. 

It’s in Him I place my trust,
Having Him with me is a must.
He is my hearts desire,
He’s filled me with His fire. 

It’s Him I’m running toward,
He keeps me going forward.
It’s His armor that protects me,
It’s His light that helps me see.

By Him I have the guidance, 
He provides the patience. 
There’s only One who can save me,
Only one who sets me free.