Is God your Love?

Love that is patient shows that it’s true,
Hearts that are willing to serve are so few.

Caring and sharing, putting others before,
Their life they are giving,
Through pain they endure.

Can this be found, does this love exist?
Is too much expected, is it too long of a list? 

From where does it come, how can we achieve?
Do we have a chance, if we simply believe?

It’s a natural effect of what’s deep down inside.
If God is our love,
These gifts He provides.  


The Christ-Centered Family

The children all play, with joy and with laughter,
You hear what they say, you ask what their after.
The family together, working hard every day,
With joy in their hearts they seek God as they pray.
Happiness is not what it’s all about,
Sometimes through the pain, it’s something they are without. 
But something that doesn’t and never will go away,
Is the love in their hearts, and a joy that will stay. 


It’s God’s Heart That I’m After

It’s God’s heart that I am after; it is sweet music when I hear the rhythm that it makes.
It is He who knows and understands my desire, He is the Forgiver and Corrector of my mistakes.
Never will there be a Love as great as the Love that He has for me!
How can I Love anyone more than this One who has saved me? 
Love is Gods, and God is Love. 
For all His children He has more than enough.
Without Him it is void,
It is not everlasting, and will soon be destroyed.
How can anyone better comprehend,
Than the One who knows beyond the beginning and the end? 
I am His and He is mine,
There is no greater Love that any can find!