A Way To Be Free

You feel something pulling,
An invisible force,
Somehow you know you are going off course.

Your eyes face forward,
But you’ve left something behind,
Saying it doesn’t matter,
Getting it out of your mind.

Somethings been mistaken, 
You feel out of place,
What’s right is behind you,
It’s darkness you face.

The other way is clear,
You know where you should go. 
You try to pretend that you just don’t know.

You were convinced what you have is better, 
But now you’re not so sure.
Before it seemed so perfect,
But now it’s just a blur. 

Your conscience surrounds you,
It is always there.
No matter how far you run,
Your conscience you’ll bear. 

There’s a way to be free,
A way to let go.
A chance to clearly see,
A place you can grow.

You look at the map,
Your life that’s laid out.
You see the two paths,
What each one is about.

Listen and hear what God is speaking to you, accept what He’s provided.
With His plan, follow through,
Instead of becoming divided.

With His love we can stay strong,
In His hand we can have rest.
We can always have confidence that He knows what is best. 

With our conscience clear we can go on,
With One who can forgive. 
His immeasurable love is so great, 
He died so we might live.


Solid Ground


You try and hold,
But for how much longer?
Alone in the cold,
If only you were stronger.

You think you can do it,
In your stubbornness,
You go on.
You’re sure you can get through it,
Though you know something is wrong.

Why do you try,
When you know there’s a better way?
Accepting a lie,
When you know that God has the best say?

You stumble in your own pride as you try to stand,
You want all you do to be by your own hand.

You want the life that you have always had planned,
Even though you know you’re just building on sand.

What you have made may look strong,
and pleasing to the eye.
But what you have won’t last long,
No matter how hard you try.

On ourselves we cannot rely,
It’s the Creator who has control,
He’s waiting for our reply,
He’s offered to make us become whole.

If Christ the Cornerstone is your foundation,
When the winds blow He won’t let you down.
If in Him you trust in every situation,
In storms you will stand on solid ground.

The Pressure Is On


The pressure is on, There’s choices to make. Hope seems to be gone, Which way should I take?

What will be next? What does the future hold? What was warm and inviting, Has now become cold.

It seems all is different, Not like it used to be. I never know what to expect, I never know what I’ll see.

On my own I can’t go on, By my own strength I can’t stay strong. I feel as though I am misplaced, Unsure as to where I belong.

The stress is unbearable, The days seem to grow longer. My heart is yearning, With an unsatisfied hunger.

My hands try to grasp, In the dark I work to find my way. There’s questions I have to ask, Things I feel I need to say.

Is there any to listen, Who understands what I speak? Does anyone have the answers To the questions that I seek?

Is there any who is able to satisfy this hunger I hold? Who can fill my heart with content, where the world and it’s darkness no longer have control?

I’ve been held in the chains of sin and regret, In darkness I’ve given up, Saying, “I can’t be perfect.”

So why even try? What hope does it bring? What life does it give? While I’m still the same being?

A small voice in the distance, Starts to come to my ear, It gradually grows as I run to draw near,

I know somethings there, There really is someone who cares,

I’m longing for help, hope is starting to grow, The small light that I see is starting to show,

There’s a way to be free, A way to let go, Of this weight on my shoulders, There really is, I just know!

There’s One who wants me, Who loves me and cares, There’s One who calls me, Who has a gift that He shares,

To all who will except, And run towards the One, Who holds the light, The Father, Spirit, and Son.

The straight path can be seen, I know my life can be made clean,

I can have a relationship with One I’ve never had before, There’s a King who is asking, and waiting, if only I go to open the door.

He is strong, He is wise, He knows beginning and end, He’s the Creator, the Counselor, We are his bride, He is our Friend.

Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

Live like there’s no tomorrow~

Dreaming on but standing still,
Saying that, “One day I will.”
Facing forward but stepping back,
Just going more and more off track.

I know there isn’t time to lose, 
I also know what I should choose.
I keep on waiting for a convenient day,
while before me there’s a perfect way.

I want to go and take that step,
Follow God’s perfect way for me.
I no longer want to wait to be
who I know that I should be.

The way Jesus walked is the way I will go,
Each day I’ll live like there is no tomorrow.

True Trust

It won’t be won by flattery,
It can’t be bought or sold.
It has immeasurable value,
A treasure more precious than gold.

True Trust can’t be swayed,
And it doesn’t fade away,
It will not be doubted,
In confidence it will stay.

It is something that is earned,
By things seen and unseen.
Truth always comes out,
There is no in-between.

Setting Goals

Why am I here?
What is my role?
How can one achieve,
If there isn’t a goal?

What’s to be set?
Where to begin?
Without taking part,
There is no chance to win.

I’ve been given a task,
A chance to take hold,
Of what’s been provided,
Of what I’ve been told.

It isn’t a game,
Rather, a challenge to start.
But it can’t be completed,
Without taking it to heart.

On His Course

Don’t know why,
Can’t explain it.
I may cry,
An’ not contain it.

I may take hold,
But not sustain it.
Might get cold,
And not complain, it..

…Doesn’t matter what’s goin’ on,
I jus’ cannot keep me goin’.

If I do, it isn’t me,
But rather quite a different source.
It’s my God who gives me strength,
Who keeps me goin’ on His course.