A Constant Battle

A constant battle, deep within,
A decision to make, then where to begin.
It seems so unclear, like all is a blur.
Why can’t life just be simple, so we can always be sure?

It’s so often confusing, it may seem we are losing,
But it’s what we’re choosing, in our time, how we’re using,

These gifts we’ve been given,
This life we are living.
The words we have spoken,
Helping hearts that are broken.


My True and Perfect Love

You’ve given me a chance to choose,
You never wanted me to have to lose.
Placing before me two ways to go,
Sharing Your light so that I may know,

The life You have laid out for me,
The person that You want me to be.
You are in my heart, and here to stay,
I know inside this is the perfect Way.

Holding me up, when all else slips away,
Speaking through me when I lack words to say.
You see my heart through and through,
You know my thoughts before I do.

You are, and forever will be, my True and Perfect Love.