A Heartbeat


With the pace of the waves on an evening shore,
Continuous as it grows forevermore.

Filled with love from its very first start,
It can blossom and grow, or be torn apart.

So tender and precious to be able to hold,
A value exceeding that of silver and gold.

Each one has a purpose, they are always unique.
With its own way of sharing, its own way to speak.

Every heart deserves to not miss a beat,
To be loved and to love, to be met and to meet.

It should not be stopped, cut off from the earth,
We have hearts inside that were there before birth.

We’ve been given a chance, can’t we see?
Are they any less deserving than you or me?


Search for the Way

Through valleys and forests we search for the Way,
Though darkness does follow, in light we can stay.

There is no burden too heavy to carry,
While the strength of our Father is there.

What we are told may be contrary,
But He’s already shown He does care.

Chains can’t pull away what we have in our heart,
Hands cannot break, true love apart.

A Life Story

When all has gone astray,
Restless nights keep me awake,
I know there is a better way,
Another road that I can take.

With a struggle in my heart,
You can keep me strong.
With me from the start,
You know right from wrong.

Never will You leave my side,
I need You with me every day.
From You I can never hide,
You always have the best way.

Going the way You lead me to,
Is the path that I’ll be on.
So always I may be with You,
While our story’s drawn.

Make A Difference

Making a difference in this world seems so hard,
Unexpected journeys–getting caught off guard.

We should be prepared, ready to listen and share.
Surrendering our all, even when it seems unfair.

Are we willing? Will we try?
Without asking God why?

We don’t really deserve this gift we’ve been given.
We should share with others, or this gift can be taken.

How can we keep this love to ourselves,
Kept in books that are left on the shelves?

Stand on the Truth, hold tight to the One,
Who gives us the strength, Who has already begun,

Preparing the way, of our tasks He has planned.
Writing each day, with the love in His hand.

Filling hearts that are empty, giving strength to the weak.
Providing the words, when we lack words to speak.

Don’t wait till the end, when it’s too late to take part,
In the saving of lives, and the changing of hearts.