What I Think About Computer Viruses

Virus, virus, go away,
You are not aloud to stay.
You’ve annoyed me now for long enough,
You probably think that your so tough.
But my dad will make you leave,
In the near future, I do perceive.
Now if I haven’t made it clear,
You are never welcome here!!!



In the stars in the sky His power is shown,

In life that is seen, His presence is known.

We cannot deny that it is not all by chance,

That life isn’t so simple as it seems at first glance.

How it begins from something so very small and unique,

How we function so quickly-able to see, walk, and speak.

So easily fascinated by things that we make,

But ignoring the original, the art we can’t fake.

A masterpiece that is set before our very own eyes,

That the most talented artist couldn’t make though he tries.

It all will never cease to amaze,

It’s indescribable in so many ways.

Though we will never truly deserve,

Oh, what a Mighty God we do serve!