Lights In The Night

In the shadows of Earth we see their light,
God’s beautiful art portrayed through the night.

His magnificent works we cannot erase,
Not one can be taken out of its place.

So numerous as sand on the seashore,
And covers the whole of the oceans floor.

They cannot be counted, nor made by a man,
They were all a part of His creation plan.

His greatness exceeds what is seen by our sight,
Not one can surpass His power and might.

He gives strength to the weary,
And the broken at heart.
Filling with love that won’t fall apart.

Shaping our lives with His loving hands,
Through struggles and trials he firmly stands.

Holding us up when the world slips away,
Protecting and guiding as He leads the way.



  1. Hello Jessie,
    I will be calling you later this afternoon, it’s 2:30 Mon. June 12th. Your writings are encouraging and beautiful and sincere. Love,Grandpa Bullock

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