Hear The Sirens

On the road home from work, after hearing sirens and seeing flashing lights in the mirror from an ambulance approaching behind, I immediately started looking for somewhere to pull over.
Most-inconveniently the traffic was completely stopped on a bridge filling all the lanes, leaving no where for the ambulance to cross. As the ambulance quickly grew closer, I instinctively pulled forward off the bridge and to the side. Thankfully, the cars behind me followed giving the ambulance a clear lane to pass through.
As the ambulance sped past and was soon out of sight, I immediately began to think of how important that ambulance trip may have been.
What if I, or the line of cars behind me, had ignored the sirens and stayed just where we wanted to be?
Sometimes God will call us to do something that seems small, inconvenient, or unimportant.
I think we many times go around with earplugs and a blindfold on, preventing us from hearing and seeing those sirens and flashing lights. Failing to be attentive to where we are and where we should be rarely affects only ourselves, but typically those around us as well.
If we are truly surrendering our lives to our Creator, it means taking up our cross, going outside what is comfortable and convenient, and showing Christ’s love and kindness to those around us. What if Jesus had only stayed in the “comfort lane”?
Time is another important factor. When God leads us from one place to another, if we’re dragging our feet trying to find reasons not to go, but then eventually going, by then there’s a good chance it’s too late.
Not to mention delaying doesn’t make it any easier.
So, listen up. God may call you to something that seems small or unimportant, but actually has a life-changing impact on someone else even though we cannot see it.