My Father

It is in my Father that I find hope, and in Him I place my trust.

In Him there is no fear of death; He brings light to the darkest places.

His joy continues on where the happiness of man comes to an end.

He surrounds me with His peace in the night so that I may find rest in Him.

He hears my every cry, not a tear is shed without His knowledge.

He holds me up in His arms when I lack the strength to stand; He sustains me through every pain.

He carries me to a better place as He knows my every weakness and every need.

I am overwhelmed by His unending love; the mercy He shows everyday brings humility to my heart.

I can never be thankful enough for His grace that never ceases.

Not one can take the place of my Father or take me away from His hands.


Breath of Life

Your love is deeper than the ocean,
and Your Words are more powerful than the strongest wind.
You go beyond ink on paper;
You cannot be contained in a book.
A man can have knowledge without wisdom,
And words without understanding.
As a body without the Breath of Life is dead, so is one without Your Spirit in him.