His Kingdom

Though the Earth shakes,
His foundation remains firm.

Though mountains crumble and floods rise, His throne cannot be moved.

Though final breaths are taken,
The life He gives cannot be snatched away.

Though the Earth’s time shall pass,
His Kingdom will forever stand.


A Wisdom Unknown To Man

Who can understand all the ways of the Lord?
Who can comprehend the works of His hands?
Who knows His every thought?
How can we know the every move of One we cannot see?
How can we explain the reasoning of One so great?
When does a child understand all the ways of his father?
When do sheep comprehend the thoughts of their shepherd?
His thoughts are higher than our thoughts;
He has a wisdom unknown to man.

“Do not correct a scoffer…”

1506404985274This. We SO need this:

“He who corrects a scoffer gets shame for himself,
And he who rebukes a wicked man only harms himself.
Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you;
Rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.”
Prov. 9:7-8

Many times on social media I see and hear situations where people are scoffing at Christians for their faith and beliefs. Often our instinctive reaction is to stand up in defense and not always with the best attitude.

Over the years, as I’ve come across these situations there’s literally been times I opened my mouth to say something but then quickly kept to myself what I may have said—saying something just hasn’t felt right somehow. These situations have reminded me of when Jesus was tortured, scoffed at, spit upon, and crucified like none of us have ever been before. How did He react? He was silent. Later, He even said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

So, I guess my thoughts I was wanting to share tonight are that when we are in these situations, rather than being quick to defend, let’s be quick to forgive. And hard as it may be, let’s intercede for and love them as Christ has for us.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

1506342058188Okay, you’ve probably heard this before, but for real—not only for the sake of those who hear our words and see our actions, but for ourselves—who we’re known as is going to be based on what is portrayed in our lifestyle, not just our words that come out in discussions, debates and daily conversations.

I’m so frequently blown away by the hours and hours spent, particularly on the internet, of debates that are obviously pointless. Stop. Just stop. Stop and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit and ask yourself if you are responding in a Christ-like manner. If someone has questions and is willing to learn, by all means, answer their questions in a way that directs them towards Christ, encouraging them to seek Him on their own.

Now, believe me, I’m not knocking teaching…it’s something we all need. Part of our lifestyle should be teaching one another in love. But it’s easy to think teaching is strictly words when it is far from it.

Most of Jesus’ teaching was not done from a pulpit, but by walking side by side with His disciples amongst the lost and hurting. He seldom used words to teach them how to forgive others, show love to complete strangers, to fellowship with one another, to give, to be humble and respectful, and to seek after God and fully surrender.

He actually DID these things!

He ate with the sinners, He forgave, He fellowshipped. The words that He did speak He spoke in love to those willing to hear while living it out. What if He had only ever used words, and never actually lived them out? What if He had said to go to the sinners, the lame, the blind, the hurting, the beggars…and never actually did it Himself, but rather all He ever did was have discussions with the Pharisees? It would hardly paint the same picture or convey the same message. That is not the Jesus we read of in scripture.

As we’re learning things, let’s put them to good use and teach them as we live them out—not limiting it to ourselves and pointless conversations.

In other words, don’t be like the Pharisees…be like Jesus. ­čśë

He Who Makes Me Strong

My God, who loves me, brings victory to my soul.
Every fear He overcomes;
His joy breaks down all distress.

Through all pain he comforts my heart;
In all valleys He sustains me.
He is my protector;
The strongest of men cannot take me from Him.

He has laid before me the way to go;
He corrects me when I stray from it.
For every challenge He prepares me;
Through every hardship it is He who makes me strong.


1505610755832Jesus is so accepting towards us. We do wrong against him, sin, we’re broken, hurting—and sometimes flat-out hateful—but He is willing to accept us anyways.

Similarly, there are going to be people who do wrong against us. We will experience things we don’t deserve and there will be times we go through that are just plain hard. It is so critical that we be willing to accept these things!

To forgive, to love those who hate, to accept the painful, hard times as Jesus has for us. It is amazing the burden that is carried away from us when we learn to accept!

When we have hatred in our hearts there is less room for love, and we are hurting ourselves more than those whom we hate. When we dwell in our mistakes, weaknesses, and sadness, we are giving it a chance to grow and overtake our lives—leaving no room for strength, true success, and joy.

As Jesus went through just about the hardest time ever in the giving of His life, He got through it and is our Perfect Example of true strength, success, and joy that isn’t just temporary, but eternal.

So let’s look for things that we need to accept and not allow them to have a negative impact on our lives. Rather, let’s look for ways that we can learn, grow, and give through them.



The Easy Road Or The Right Road?

We make ourselves content with what the world has to offer;
We become proud with our earthly possessions.
We are vain of our fleshly being,
While allowing our hearts to become filthy.
We ask and expect so much,
While hardly giving more than empty words.
We are quick to receive grace and mercy while turning our heads from Your correction.
Instead of seeking You we follow the crowd;
Our discipleship is replaced by shallow friendship.
We serve when it is convenient and not too hard;
We give when we have no need.
We speak when we will receive no ridicule and our voice will be heard;
We say Your name when we will not be mocked.
We live in fear instead of by faith;
We walk where it is easy,
Not the straight narrow road.
We trust in ourselves,
Rather than our Creator;
We live for ourselves,
Rather than for our Savior.
We hear words,
But don’t take them to heart;
We allow only our outside to be seen while┬áhiding what’s within.
Make our ways straight, O God;
Renew our hearts and minds to be more like Yours.
Open our eyes to Your truth and ears to Your wisdom;
Prepare us to receive Your Holy Spirit so that we may worship You in all our ways.
Replace our fear with confidence in You;
May our faith stand strong as You lead us on.

You Know What Is Right

O Lord, You know every part of my being;

No thought, word, or deed goes unnoticed.

Search my heart, O God;

Bring out any evil that is in me.

Guide me in a way that is good,

You know the way that is right for me.

You bring light into darkness;

You reveal to us our enemies so we cannot be fooled.

We cannot be brought down,

For You are greater.

We cannot be taken away,

For You are stronger.

The victory has already been achieved;

Every battle has already been won.

Each One Will Be Accounted For

We are as tiny ants that wander the earth yet You know us by name.
We curse You and do what is shameful yet You refine us and make us holy.
We doubt and deny Your existence yet You show us mercy and forgiveness.
May we fall to our knees in worship;
Let our faces come to the ground as Your servants.
No one who defies You will continue to stand;
Anger and hate will be brought down.
The jealous and the proud will not be satisfied,
But will tear themselves apart.
Your children who serve You will be brought to their feet;
For those who glorify Your name You prepare a better place.
Not one of Your servants will be left out,
Each one will be accounted for.

Our House

You, oh Lord, are our Shield and Protector;
When the enemy comes You bring us to a safe place.
Evil comes from behind where we cannot see,
But You look upon us and guide us away from its reach.
Where the wicked ensnare and bring death to the innocent,
You lead us on to a prosperous land.
On Your foundation our house will always stand;
Built on Your cornerstone it cannot be brought down.

Who Am I?

Who am I that you have looked upon me?
Who am I that you have laid Yourself down for me?
I have broken Your laws yet You make my ways straight.
I stumble and fall but You bring me to my feet.
I become broken but You make me whole again.
I become weak but You make me strong.
I become discouraged but You renew the life that is in me.
You show mercy and receive me as Your child.
Never will I deserve the grace You have shared.
There is no place I would rather be than in Your presence, my almighty Father.