With the Lord

With the Lord is where worry is never needed;
In His presence it has no place.
When He is our desire we will not be disappointed;

By His Spirit our joy shall never end.


A Future

The Lord is my treasure;
His value cannot be measured.
He is the One I search for,
I seek to know His Name.
My heart longs for His presence;
Not one can take His place.
He is my true desire;
He gives me hope and a future.


After rummaging around the bottom of our bathroom closet looking for toilet paper in the spot where it is usually kept, I stood back up with no luck. And what do I find? It’s right in front of me. Not where it is usually found, but nonetheless, right in front of me.

So what was the point of sharing that story, you ask? Well, it got me to thinking of God’s will for us. As we search for His will for our lives, it’s not always going to be where or what we’re used to. But one thing we can be sure of: it will be right in front of us.

If God wants you to go grocery shopping today you’ll be able to find the keys and you’ll have money in your bank account. If He wants you to go to Africa, He will help you get there. He doesn’t have a will for you without providing a way.

We need to be looking for opportunities. So often I am asking God to help me see as He sees because it is SO easy to miss opportunities right in front of us! God’s will for us is full of opportunities to give, to love, to show grace, to serve, to share joy, and much more…and as is in His timing for each opportunity comes, they will be right in front of us.

I Come to You

I come to You fully broken, and You restore my spirit.
I come to You covered in sin, and You show me mercy.
I come to You in a weak body, and You offer me a new body that lasts forever.
I come to You undeserving, and You place a crown upon my head.
I come to You hungry, and You make me full.
I come to You wounded, and You heal me.
I come to You with weight on my shoulders, and You set me free.

Self-centered “me time”

It is often said that we all need something called “me time”…but do we?

Nothing against treating yourself to a night out or getting a foot massage, what I’m getting at is our attitudes and where our focus is as we get the chance to take a break.

While we certainly need to take care of ourselves, there is simply no circumstance we can possibly be in that we should be living our lives in a self-centered way. Instead of having “me time” with the the attitude of “I deserve this”, let’s try having “God time”, in His presence thanking Him for what He has blessed us with.

When our focus is shifted away from ourselves and onto Christ it makes every minute so much more valuable! Having that five-minute coffee break with gratitude is going to be much more special, and even beneficial, than if you have the attitude of “no one touch me till I’m done”.

It is sooo easy and quite common to live in a self-centered way. It is a constant battle, but it is a battle worth fighting. When our focus is taken away from ourselves–that is where we find peace, hope, joy, and so many other blessings that can’t be found in any other way.

Choose to have “God time” instead of “me time”…you’ll be glad you did!

Well Established

Pain tries to take hold of me, but to no avail, for I am already held.

Fear tries to carry me off, but does not succeed, for I am already carried.

Doubt tries to overwhelm me, but is struck down, for my faith has been well established.

By the Hands of the Lord I find peace;

In His arms I remain confident.

My hope is founded in the Savior;

His Kingdom will stand forever.

Search After the Lord’s Heart

Oh, how beautiful the Lord is!

It is a beauty that radiates like the sun and cannot be stopped.

You cannot look upon His face without seeing His authority;

You cannot hear His voice without acknowledging His power.

You cannot be in His presence without a taste of His love;

You cannot touch His feet without an overwhelming sense of peace.

Search after the Lord’s heart;

Draw close to His statutes.

Seek and find His perfect love;

His light does not go out by night.

His mercy covers a multitude of sins;

His grace leads in the perfect way.

The Lord forever will reign in me;

All my days I will serve Him.

A Warrior

I am a child of God;
A warrior at His feet.
He lifts me up to serve Him;
When I become weak He strengthens me.
He prepares me for every battle;
I do not go unarmed.
By His shield I am protected;
By salvation I am kept safe.
By His truths I will continue to stand;
Covered by His righteousness I will step forward.
With His Spirit in my right hand I shall face the enemy;
Evil powers will be brought down.
In the light of the Lord, sharing the gospel of peace victory will be achieved even in the darkest places.

By Your Laws I Become Steady

By Your understanding no fear remains;

By Your love my heart continues on.

By Your Spirit I have been restored;

By Your laws I become steady.

Every morning I am covered by Your grace;

Oh, how good You are to me!

Night and day I will praise You;

My hands will sing a new song.

At Your cross the old has passed away;

By Your blood I have been renewed.

Your goodness cannot be snatched away–

Your gift of life will last forever!