You’re a flower, I’m a flower

Yesterday while out walking I picked wild flowers to put together in a bouquet. There were many that from a distance looked absolutely perfect, but then as I came closer I would find flaws in them such as holes where bugs had eaten at them and missing petals.

It got me to thinking of how much we are like those flowers. To put it simply, if we are making new friends, attending a new church, or moving to a new community, (in my family’s case, all of the above) we shouldn’t expect things to be as perfect as they may seem at first glance from a distance. If we do, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. I’m not saying we should think negatively–on the contrary, we should be thinking positively–but come on, nobody is perfect!

Going back to the flowers. They weren’t eating holes in themselves. They didn’t pull out their own petals. We grow up in an imperfect world. There are storms, seasons, diseases…all kinds of things that will try and eat us away. The important thing is that we aren’t eating ourselves or each other away.


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