Eternal Answer

We search the world for answers and find nothing that lasts.
We build our hope on what does not stand forever;
We rely on a strength that fades.
We bring fear upon ourselves as we rip the foundation from beneath our very own feet!
We try and take control on our own and what good comes of it?
We fall on our faces!
We take pride only to be humiliated;
We take a stand only to stumble around in darkness.
We seek pleasure only to drown in misery;
We long to be accepted by the world only to be rejected by God.

How long will we live this way?
Where is our hope, our foundation, our beliefs?
What are our goals, our passions, our pursuits?
Who are we living for?
Where is our mind set?
What is our purpose?

Let’s set our minds on Christ.
He is our only perfect, infallible, eternal answer.


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