About Me


My name is Jessica, and I am 26 years old. I am from a family of 10 kids, and I was homeschooled. I love my family and friends, but most of all, I love God, and He is my Example. I enjoy music and art. (my favs are piano, cello, violin, and painting) I worked as a part-time Personal Care Attendant for 6 years for a special needs child, for Home Instead Senior Care for 2 years, and very much enjoyed it. I am currently unemployed and in the process of getting epilepsy surgery. As I have long-been, and and always will be, I am learning. I am learning new responsibilities, how to love and serve others with all my heart, how I can best serve Christ, putting Him first in all I do, and live for Him every minute, hour, day, and year. I’m currently working towards helping special needs orphans, and, if the Lord wills, one day would like to adopt.


1 Comment

  1. Hi Jessica.
    Thanks for visiting kingspeech!
    I appreciate it much.
    Will be back to read more of what God is speaking to you about!!
    Bless you


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