Our Fullest Potential: God’s Will

Everyone is in a different situation, but no matter what country you grew up in, culture, religion, wealthy or poor, there’s something we can all have, and that is potential.

What is your potential? Our potential is often much more than we realize because we’re often determining by our own mind what our potential is, rather than allowing God to do the determining. Without a doubt, God’s will for us is our fullest potential. He has created each of us with unique gifts, knows our every need, our every strength, our every weakness, and how we can best live our lives in a way that glorifies Him and spreads the gospel of His love. So, really, this question falls back on asking God: “What is Your will for my life?”

Asking this question like you mean it is a daring question; accepting the response even more so as it is not always what we want or on our own timeframe. A lot of times we’re going to wish we could have a complete layout of what God’s will is for the rest of our lives—it sometimes seems like it’d be easier that way. But why would we want that? Most likely because it would make us feel like we’re in control and give us confidence in both ourselves and in what we are doing…and that could be a problem. It would lessen our confidence in Christ, faith, patience, trust, reliance on Him, and would very quickly make us feel like we no longer need to stay in constant tune with Him, which would be very dangerous.

There are many reasons—many of which we don’t know—that God doesn’t reveal everything in great detail for the next several decades of our lives. We just need to remember that if we are in close communion with God we will know what we need to know when we need to know it. God knows our fullest potential, and if we are willing to accept it, we can be sure He is going to one-by-one open and close every door as necessary to reach that point.

So, if we are seeking with sincerity God’s will for our life, even when we hardly know what the next day is going to bring we can take each step with confidence in Christ—knowing that we are living our lives to the fullest potential.


Days of thought

1496375180351Once a month or so I find myself in deep thought for hours-sometimes for an entire day-so much so that having conversations, reading, studying, or getting anything that seems useful done is pretty much hopeless. For awhile it was pretty annoying, but then I got to thinking: (again, haha) perhaps this will cause me to make better use of the rest of my time.

I soon realized I needed to take this opportunity to re-evaluate what in the world I am called to do, if I’m where I’m supposed to be, and if I’m headed the right direction. Because if I don’t stop, think, and earnestly pray to God asking if I’m where I should be, I could be off track for days, months, or even years…so busy and engrossed in what I’m doing that I don’t realize that something is seriously wrong, and I’m wasting away a whole lot more than a day.

For me, these times of deep thought usually begin when I’m very moved by a person in need, hear of Christians that are killed for their faith, or see the way the church in America has become so weak and watered down. It’s almost like I’m seeing these things for the first time, or seeing them from a different perspective. It’s a very humbling and sobering experience, for sure. Though in a way it can seem kind of depressing, at the same time it stirs up something inside me to help, to do something about it, to make a difference…to really live my life to the fullest potential as a Christ-follower.

Though everyday I try to ask God to shape me into the person He wants me to be and offer my life as a sacrifice to Him, it really helps to have these hours of really digging deep to remember why I’m doing that, to see what exactly that should look like…and I want to encourage you to do the same.

Take some time to evaluate, refocus, and prioritize. God will likely place something totally different on your heart as we are all unique…perhaps it’ll be coworkers that you know are living in anger and don’t have the love of Christ in them that you may have the opportunity to witness to. Maybe He will give you a desire to help the homeless. Perhaps your very own children are straying away from Christ and simply need a good relationship to support and guide them in their faith.

It helps to remember what our goals are and how we are going to reach them so we can better prepare ourselves for the journey…the Way God has called us to. The Way God has called YOU to.

Am I Gifted?

As many already know, I love music. I love listening to it, writing songs, and playing them on musical instruments. Something I am told quite frequently is, “I wish I were as gifted as you are!” Sometimes it’s all I can do to not say the wrong thing back because I find it rather irritating.

Here’s why:
God gives each one of His children a purpose and a calling. No one is more gifted than another! There are so many out there that have gifts that simply aren’t known, and/or not much effort is being put into cultivating and growing in it. Some aren’t even aware of what their gift is…let alone know how to use it to glorify God.

Why? I think one of the main reasons is our country is SO BUSY, and there are so many distractions that many don’t take the time to find it. And, I don’t think it’s as hard to find what you are gifted in as you might think.

What are some productive things that you enjoy and can easily lose track of time doing? Are there any needs of others in particular that stick out to you, where when you see it, you wish you could instantly meet those needs? Is there a hobby you enjoy that you could use to build up a community, healthy relationships, or as an outreach?

While it takes lots of time and effort to find your gifts and really grow in them, it is AMAZING how satisfying it can be! When you know you are impacting others in a good way it makes it all worth while. And, honestly, not finding your gifts and using them…that’s just plain selfish.

Something important to remember, is that you don’t always see results right from the start. Sometimes for years, and sometimes results can go completely unnoticed. Like, say you’re gifted in encouraging others. There will likely be times when you are encouraging to someone on a bus, in the grocery store, on an airplane, in the park…and you will likely never see that person again but you may unknowingly have had a great impact on their life. DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU. 

Don’t give up on finding areas that you are gifted in, and especially don’t allow them to go unused. Take the time to seek God and allow Him to shape you by His Holy Spirit into the person He has called you to be. Work towards it. It’ll take lots of effort, but it’s worth it.

So, the answer I typically want to give to the statement “I wish I were as gifted as you are!” that I never say in person because it would likely come out the wrong way, is “You are!”


Now go find how while I go practice…