The Eternal

Our God is Lord over all that is seen and that is unseen,
What is heard and what is unheard,
What is known and what is unknown,
What has been and what has yet to come.

He is strong, yet gentle.
He allows hurt, but He offers healing.
He is forgiving, yet just.
He offers mercy, but He holds each one accountable.
He asks for the temporary, so He can give us the eternal!

Oh, how we serve a good and gracious God!


A Voice

The night settles,
The coolness comes in,
The stars reveal their beauty within.

There’s something close though it seems far away,
I hear someone calling, I hear a voice say:

“Be still and know that I am your God, Shepherd, and Friend.
I will always be with you, I am the beginning and the end.

I will guide you and keep you close by my side,
Do not be afraid, I will always provide.”

I close my eyes and ponder these things in my heart,
It’s beauty and peace is as an incredible art.

I cannot let go of any words that I hear,
So special to me…I hold them so dear.

I will not forget the words from my Love,
And the gift that my God sent  from above.

God’s Love


We cannot have love if we don’t know the Creator,
We cannot share love without its Initiator.

Love cannot stay where hate still resides,
We cannot be filled without the One who provides.

Its very existence is unstoppable,
Without God we are incapable.

Love is something that can’t be substituted,
It is where our lives should always be rooted.

Letting Go

Letting go of dreams the world has set,
Sharing our gifts with all we have met.
We always know we can have what it takes,
By God’s love and strength that constantly makes,
A way to get through the struggles of life,
We can face the heartaches, battles, and strife.
It’s not just making it, getting through a day,
But living to the fullest, using God’s perfect Way.

Is God Our #1?


God should be our number one,
His love seen in our ways.
By His hands we see the sun,
He created all our days.

Looking back on our timeline,
Of all the things we’ve done,
To see what it is we find…
Are we pointing toward the Son?

Are our hours spent for our self-pleasure, or for others?
Are we living only for ourselves, or are we for our brothers?

A Heartbeat


With the pace of the waves on an evening shore,
Continuous as it grows forevermore.

Filled with love from its very first start,
It can blossom and grow, or be torn apart.

So tender and precious to be able to hold,
A value exceeding that of silver and gold.

Each one has a purpose, they are always unique.
With its own way of sharing, its own way to speak.

Every heart deserves to not miss a beat,
To be loved and to love, to be met and to meet.

It should not be stopped, cut off from the earth,
We have hearts inside that were there before birth.

We’ve been given a chance, can’t we see?
Are they any less deserving than you or me?

Search for the Way

Through valleys and forests we search for the Way,
Though darkness does follow, in light we can stay.

There is no burden too heavy to carry,
While the strength of our Father is there.

What we are told may be contrary,
But He’s already shown He does care.

Chains can’t pull away what we have in our heart,
Hands cannot break, true love apart.

A Constant Battle

A constant battle, deep within,
A decision to make, then where to begin.
It seems so unclear, like all is a blur.
Why can’t life just be simple, so we can always be sure?

It’s so often confusing, it may seem we are losing,
But it’s what we’re choosing, in our time, how we’re using,

These gifts we’ve been given,
This life we are living.
The words we have spoken,
Helping hearts that are broken.

My True and Perfect Love

You’ve given me a chance to choose,
You never wanted me to have to lose.
Placing before me two ways to go,
Sharing Your light so that I may know,

The life You have laid out for me,
The person that You want me to be.
You are in my heart, and here to stay,
I know inside this is the perfect Way.

Holding me up, when all else slips away,
Speaking through me when I lack words to say.
You see my heart through and through,
You know my thoughts before I do.

You are, and forever will be, my True and Perfect Love.

Galatians 1:10

Who’s pleasure am I seeking?
Am I workin’ for my own?
Do I think I have control,
That I’m takin up a loan?

Is this my life or another’s?
For me or for my brothers?

Did I give it to my God when I was born again?
Or was I just speakin’ words, hey, I’m just sayin’…

…if I’s a dyin’ to my self, an’ takin up my cross,
Puttin’ my old life on the the shelf, though it may seem like I have lost,

Can I take parts of it back,
Did I really lay it down?
Is the old body still intact,
And just covered with a gown?

If I gave it up to God,
Then it’s His pleasure that I am after.
The King who offers life,
the One who rules forever. 

So, I follow the True Leader,
not the world or my best friends,
Not the popular crowds or preachers,
For it’s God who comprehends,

The big picture, He can see,
What is better, who we should be. 

He will speak through us all, in the ways that He sees fit,
He will teach through His servants, as we all are closely knit. 

He will be revealed in situations, 
in His time and perfect plan.
Not our carefully laid out schedules,
If it’s all in our God’s hands. 

Forgiveness & recovery

The rain, rain down,
It’s coming up deep,
There’s a way to be found,
On this hill so steep,

I start to climb,
The floods arisin’,
I’m runnin’ outa time,
It’s not so surprisin’,

I knew all along it’d be this way,
I knew I was wrong, and I have to say, 

I coulda not had these consequences, 
coulda gone without these circumstances. 
So without a doubt, I now agree,
It’s what I deserved, and now I see.

I’d known I shoulda gone,
and made it right long ago,
don’t know what it was I’s acountin’ on, why I waited, I don’t know.

So now despite these consequences,
I know I can be forgiven,
Even in these circumstances,
I can have a new way of livin’.

Along the way the road is rough,
Recovery may be long,
Though it may seem that I’m so tough,
It’s my God who is so strong.

He’s offering this gift,
A gift that can’t be shaken,
So how can I refuse,
This gift that can be taken?

I understand what is the right decision,
And right now I choose to make it.
It’s not just a new religion,
The real thing, you just can’t fake it. 

I now know that I’m forgiven,
That Christ has taken me, 
Given’ me a new way of livin’,
A new person I can be.

Down the straight road, is where I’m goin’ 
Christ’s taken my load, And now He’s asowin’ 

Plantin’ in me, 
starting a new seed,
A new being to be,
Followin’ His lead.

So the rain can rain down, hill’s not quite so steep,
No matter what my God is strong, the god I plan to keep.