Never Alone with ASL

As I’ve been learning to sign I’ve been practicing with songs. This has been a favorite song of mine since my early teens…check it out!


Never Alone

This song has been a favorite of mine since I was in my teens. Whenever I have restless nights I have a specific playlist of songs, this song being one of them. (Might as well spend that time with God, right? Sometimes I wonder if God allows me to have those nights for that very purpose) It’s a collection of songs that are reminders that God is always there, and simple songs of worship. Focusing on God and worshiping Him truly is an immense help in taking attention away from ourselves, our struggles and pain, as it allows God to take up our burdens for us.

Something I specifically struggle to keep in mind is simply that God is ALWAYS there…not just some or most of the time, but always…I am never alone. There is a special kind of peace that comes from remembering that. Remember that God never fails. Remember that if we allow Him in He doesn’t walk out on us. Remember that He loves us more than anyone else ever can. Remember that His love never fails, and we are never alone.