I shall not be discouraged

By You, oh Lord, I stand upright.
When I trust in You, I shall not be discouraged;
For Your plan cannot be set aside,
And Your time cannot be delayed.

Who holds their head above Your own?
Whose throne stands over the Creator of life?

You know my every suffering;
No pain goes on unnoticed.
By my side You walk with me;
You’ve given me life by giving up Your own.

Only You bring peace to my soul and true joy to my heart.
You made my very being–who can better satisfy?


What good does it bring?

Only in the Lord do we find eternal peace;
Only in His arms do all anxieties flea from us.
Only by His shield can the enemy be stopped;
By His guard all fear is cast away.
Trust in the Lord gives strength to the weak,
But fearing the enemy–
What good does it bring?

A Future

The Lord is my treasure;
His value cannot be measured.
He is the One I search for,
I seek to know His Name.
My heart longs for His presence;
Not one can take His place.
He is my true desire;
He gives me hope and a future.

I Come to You

I come to You fully broken, and You restore my spirit.
I come to You covered in sin, and You show me mercy.
I come to You in a weak body, and You offer me a new body that lasts forever.
I come to You undeserving, and You place a crown upon my head.
I come to You hungry, and You make me full.
I come to You wounded, and You heal me.
I come to You with weight on my shoulders, and You set me free.

A Warrior

I am a child of God;
A warrior at His feet.
He lifts me up to serve Him;
When I become weak He strengthens me.
He prepares me for every battle;
I do not go unarmed.
By His shield I am protected;
By salvation I am kept safe.
By His truths I will continue to stand;
Covered by His righteousness I will step forward.
With His Spirit in my right hand I shall face the enemy;
Evil powers will be brought down.
In the light of the Lord, sharing the gospel of peace victory will be achieved even in the darkest places.

By Your Laws I Become Steady

By Your understanding no fear remains;

By Your love my heart continues on.

By Your Spirit I have been restored;

By Your laws I become steady.

Every morning I am covered by Your grace;

Oh, how good You are to me!

Night and day I will praise You;

My hands will sing a new song.

At Your cross the old has passed away;

By Your blood I have been renewed.

Your goodness cannot be snatched away–

Your gift of life will last forever!

To Take Up Our Cross

Where we become small,
God becomes bigger.
Where we become weak,
God becomes stronger.
Where we die to ourselves,
We are able to live for Christ.
Where we choose to surrender,
We are able to rest in the arms of our King.

These are things that He has done for us, and what it means to take up our cross and follow Him.

The Face Of The Lord

Oh, how beautiful are the things You have made!
Your voice is great, yet intricate.
Your works are vast, yet precise.
Your art is creative, yet perfect.
What You have made is beyond what the eye can see—
Much is not understood, and even more is yet to be discovered.

Can our minds contain the knowledge of the Lord?
Can a creation have the understanding of it’s Creator?
Certainly not.
We cannot fully see His fingerprints,
Let alone grasp His hands.
We struggle to hear His voice,
Let alone fully know the face of the Lord.

As An Eagle

The Lord soars over me as an eagle;
He sees me close and from afar off.
He keeps watch over me;
He sees from where I come and to where I am going.

On the mountain’s top He waits for me;
With a loud voice He calls my name.
He takes me in under the shelter of His wings;
By His instruction I am brought up.

Great rivers flow from the mountain of the Lord;
From His springs my thirst is satisfied.
In the presence of the Lord my strength is renewed;
In His courts my mouth does not run dry.

Thank You, Lord, for loving me…

Thank You, Lord, for loving me,
For always holding me near.
When walking with me and talking with me,
You keep me far from fear.

You show me ways that I can grow to be more like You;
You teach me, Lord, that I may know how to love as You do.

You guide me through every stormy night;
You lift me as waters rise.
You keep me on the path that’s right;
You lead me by Your eyes.

You see beyond what I can see,
You know my every need.
You have a plan laid out for me—
Who You’ve created me to be.

You remind me that I’m not an accident,
A failure, or mistake.
Where I am I have been sent,
I am here for others’ sake,

To spread Your love and gift of life amongst the lost and broken,
To bring peace amidst the strife—
Share Your forgiveness of our sin.



A Voice

The night settles,
The coolness comes in,
The stars reveal their beauty within.

There’s something close though it seems far away,
I hear someone calling, I hear a voice say:

“Be still and know that I am your God, Shepherd, and Friend.
I will always be with you, I am the beginning and the end.

I will guide you and keep you close by my side,
Do not be afraid, I will always provide.”

I close my eyes and ponder these things in my heart,
It’s beauty and peace is as an incredible art.

I cannot let go of any words that I hear,
So special to me…I hold them so dear.

I will not forget the words from my Love,
And the gift that my God sent  from above.

Follow His Hand

Who brings peace with strife?
Who settles conflict with anger?
Who can have the love of Christ and not share it with a stranger?

Who succeeds by being idle?
Who gains without a purpose?
How can we achieve, without His Spirit inside us?

What good is worry, that we hold it so dear?
Who adds to their life, while drowning in fear?

We can all give our best, but what will it achieve,
If still we do not let our God take the lead?

To function the intricate way He has planned,
We must follow His example—the Ways of His hand.


My Shepherd

1CC03A6A-DD99-473E-A72D-9D059BC50248My Father searches for me;
He saves me from the enemy’s hand.
He holds me in His arms;
I do not go hungry.
He leads me through every valley,
And is my light when the evening comes.
When I begin to stray He calls my name;
He brings me back to a safe place.
In His full protection, worry does not exist;
Where His Spirit surrounds me, thieves do not break in.

One God Alone

May all who are hungry bless the Lord and His name!
Honor His Word in all you do so you will not be put to shame.
The proud will crumble, the stubborn brought to their knees,
There is no place at the King’s table for men such as these.
Make known to all people the goodness of our Lord:
Darkness cannot overcome the blood that He has poured.
His love is greater than all hatred on this earth.
He offers us new bodies—a chance of a new birth.
This life He gives cannot be taken;
His Kingdom above cannot be shaken.
Rejoice in the Lord, may your faith be made strong.
May we live in one accord,
As He comes before too long.
Even the wicked will bow at His throne;
All will see one God alone.

My Voice Is Heard

I cry out to my God and He hears me;
I call upon His name and my voice is heard.
I look upon His face and He sees me;
I run towards Him and He reaches for my hand.
I open my heart before Him and any darkness is taken out.
All fear and doubt slips away;
All sin and evil has been overcome.
No hate or anger is greater than His love;
No shadows can cover His light.

His Mysterious Works

My God brings rest to my soul;
He calms my spirit within me.
By His hand I am lifted;
I am carried away from every darkness.
All shadows are behind me;
I stand before His glorious light.
The Lord of love fills my heart to overflowing,
There is no place left unfilled.
He brings peace to my mind and relief to my bones;
His strength brings life to my body–He keeps me upright.
His feet are firm upon the ground;
No man can make them move.
His strength cannot be measured,
Nor can we understand it.
Great and mighty are His ways,
Mysterious are the works of my Father.

A Lasting Strength

Through the crashing waves our Lord speaks;
By the rolling thunder His voice is known.
He calls us out to step in faith,
to follow where He leads.
He reaches down and guides us on to where we’re meant to be.
His Spirit in our hearts is placed;
He makes His presence known.
His love for us can’t be erased;
His magnificence is shown.
Everywhere is seen His mighty hand and a quite intricate art;
A lasting strength that doesn’t fade–it can’t be torn apart.

Over the gap

Over the gap that no man can fill,
God gave up His Son of His own free will.
He paid all our debts,
He covered the cost
of all our mistakes;
He recovered the lost.
We step out on the bridge
that Jesus has made,
Set our feet on the firm foundation He laid.
Our sins will be crushed,
Our lives be made pure.
His strength is inside us,
So we may endure.
Every task put before us,
Every struggle within,
With God on our side
We will conquer and win!

My hearts desire

In my faith I often fail,
In my weakness I won’t prevail.
In my trust I sometimes doubt,
My God I can’t go without. 

It’s not me who has the power,
If it were just me I’d only cower.
It’s God who has the plan,
Though I may not understand.

It’s the creator of life and of this earth,
The One who has shown us worth.
The struggles and temptations,
The battle of complications. 

It’s in Him I place my trust,
Having Him with me is a must.
He is my hearts desire,
He’s filled me with His fire. 

It’s Him I’m running toward,
He keeps me going forward.
It’s His armor that protects me,
It’s His light that helps me see.

By Him I have the guidance, 
He provides the patience. 
There’s only One who can save me,
Only one who sets me free.

Time isn’t mine.

Time isn’t a game for man to play,
or a song that begins and ends in a day,
It’s a temporary thing; it won’t always exist, 
It’s not for our pleasure, yet we always persist.

I think I deserve a time all my own,
Time for anyone else is simply a loan.
It isn’t that way-or at least it shouldn’t be-
For not even a day should belong to me. 

‘Cause that day that I gave my life to my God,
Has made taking it back seem rather odd. 

A season will pass, the harvest will come,
The celebration that day, will be only for some. 

The time that I’ve given,
It’s worth all the loss,
For forgiveness we have 
By the gift on the cross.

We’ve been offered a gift,
Eternal life with our King,
that can’t be replaced by any earthly thing.