A Lasting Strength

Through the crashing waves our Lord speaks;
By the rolling thunder His voice is known.
He calls us out to step in faith,
to follow where He leads.
He reaches down and guides us on to where we’re meant to be.
His Spirit in our hearts is placed;
He makes His presence known.
His love for us can’t be erased;
His magnificence is shown.
Everywhere is seen His mighty hand and a quite intricate art;
A lasting strength that doesn’t fade–it can’t be torn apart.

Over the gap

Over the gap that no man can fill,
God gave up His Son of His own free will.
He paid all our debts,
He covered the cost
of all our mistakes;
He recovered the lost.
We step out on the bridge
that Jesus has made,
Set our feet on the firm foundation He laid.
Our sins will be crushed,
Our lives be made pure.
His strength is inside us,
So we may endure.
Every task put before us,
Every struggle within,
With God on our side
We will conquer and win!

My hearts desire

In my faith I often fail,
In my weakness I won’t prevail.
In my trust I sometimes doubt,
My God I can’t go without. 

It’s not me who has the power,
If it were just me I’d only cower.
It’s God who has the plan,
Though I may not understand.

It’s the creator of life and of this earth,
The One who has shown us worth.
The struggles and temptations,
The battle of complications. 

It’s in Him I place my trust,
Having Him with me is a must.
He is my hearts desire,
He’s filled me with His fire. 

It’s Him I’m running toward,
He keeps me going forward.
It’s His armor that protects me,
It’s His light that helps me see.

By Him I have the guidance, 
He provides the patience. 
There’s only One who can save me,
Only one who sets me free.

Time isn’t mine.

Time isn’t a game for man to play,
or a song that begins and ends in a day,
It’s a temporary thing; it won’t always exist, 
It’s not for our pleasure, yet we always persist.

I think I deserve a time all my own,
Time for anyone else is simply a loan.
It isn’t that way-or at least it shouldn’t be-
For not even a day should belong to me. 

‘Cause that day that I gave my life to my God,
Has made taking it back seem rather odd. 

A season will pass, the harvest will come,
The celebration that day, will be only for some. 

The time that I’ve given,
It’s worth all the loss,
For forgiveness we have 
By the gift on the cross.

We’ve been offered a gift,
Eternal life with our King,
that can’t be replaced by any earthly thing.