In Your Steps

Use my ears to hear Your truths,
And my mouth to speak Your words.

Use my eyes to see the hurting,
And my hands to do Your work.

Use my weaknesses to reveal Your strength,
And guide my feet to walk in Your steps.


Know You More

Who is mankind that his knowledge could fully understand his Creator?

It is at Your desire what we can and cannot see,
You begin to reveal Yourself only to those who set their eyes on You.

In the morning and night we diligently seek Your face,
Each day is a mystery as to what we will find.

Open our hearts and minds to You and Your understanding, oh Lord,
So that we can come to know You more.

The Lord’s Hands

Let us not become blinded by the works of our own hands, but rather observe the works of the Lord and all that he has done.

When our love for the Lord is far above that of any other, only then can love take its full effect.

Always He will love us greater still;
We can never give our full return.

My Faith is Founded

Lord, in every mistake You continue to forgive me.

Where You lead me You give me the willingness to follow.

In every decision You help me to choose wisely.

When faced with a question You give an answer in due time.

With each challenge You provide the courage to break through.

In all my weaknesses You give me the strength to continue on.

You are the Rock on which my faith is grounded;
It cannot be torn down.


It is only by the Lord that my worries begin to fade and trust is built up.

What was a fog becomes clear, and what was once unsteady becomes firm.

When my focus is on Him, I know that everything will fall into place.

All doubts will be washed away and uncertainties confirmed.

My confidence is in the Lord, my God, and not one can take His place!

Journal Entry 11/25/18

Day after day I offer myself to You, and that will never change. Deep down I know there’s nothing greater than Your will. There may be other ways that are easier, more convenient, exciting, fun, pleasurable–the possibilities often seem endless–but it is not so. They do come to an end. It is only in You that the joy continues on, the flower does not fade, the fire inside me does not get put out, and Your love endures forever–and that is exactly where I desire to be. It will have its challenges, yes, but You are more than worth it!

No Greater Calling

Assign me, and I will go.
Speak through me and I will open my mouth;
Guide me and I will walk in Your ways.

Close doors, for You have a better way;
Open doors and I will walk through them.

Speak to me, for I have turned my ear to Your voice;
Open my eyes so that I may see what is good.

Fill my heart with Your unfailing love,
And may my life be overwhelmed by Your Holy Spirit.

There is no greater calling than what You have called,
And no greater purpose than what You have given.

My Selfish Desires

Lord, I have been blinded by my selfish desires;
They stand between me and Your righteousness.
Replace what is selfish with what is selfless,
And what has misguided me with Your Holy Spirit.

The greedy will only stand hungry for more;
One who lusts is never fully satisfied.
Only You, our Creator, know our every need;
Only You can fulfill the desires You have given.

May You, oh Lord, be my one desire!
All that I seek, all that I thirst for, and all that makes me complete.
Who can better guide the desires of my heart?
Who can better fulfill than one’s very own Maker?

A Legacy

I want so much to leave a legacy. Not of things I’ve done, but of HOW I’ve been able to do them…and how others can too. God makes us capable of so much more than we give Him credit for!

For every task, He has made us fully equipped;
He guides us on every journey.
He does not lead us to failure,
But down the road of true success.

As You See Fit

Lord, You strip us of our love for evil and our selfish thoughts.
Our anger can no longer take hold;
Hateful words can no longer escape our lips or even dwell within us.

Your Spirit draws us to what is good and just;
Our hearts become filled with love and compassion.

You are our true desire and our perfect hope;
Only You can make us complete.

Persistently we shall seek You,
And You will make Yourself known to us only as You see fit.

Hold Me Steady

Lord, You do not let me become discouraged;
You have fixed my heart on something beautiful!
While fear and pain surround me, they do not overcome me,
For my eyes are set on You.
There is a place to which You have called me,
And on that way you continue to guide me.
Where You have called me to walk I will not stumble;
For You will hold me steady.

Because of You

Here you have created me,
You know my story through.
You’ve given me a destiny,
I am here because of You.

You are One worth living for,
Your love for me is true.
You came to me, knocked on my door,
I am here because of You.

You’ve laid a cause upon my heart,
A way You’ve called me to.
From Your will I shall not part,
For I’m here because of You.

He Remains

Take me into Your care, oh Lord,
Surround me by the shadow of Your wings.
Guide my heart by Your righteousness and may Your Spirit sustain me.
You are my place of refuge,
It is in Your presence that I find hope.
You bring me rest in my discomfort and peace when I have been broken.

Who finds peace by earthly things?
Where in this world can a righteous one be found?

There is not a shepherd like our Father, no father like our King, and no king like our Lord.

While all else changes, He is unchanging.
When all else falls apart, He remains the same.

Move Forward

Lord, give me strength to not just stand, but to stand tall.
Guide me to not just walk, but to run.
Don’t allow me to do just good things, but Your perfect will.
Help me to grow into not only Your daughter, but a warrior for You.
Shine Your light not only in me, but through me.
Replace my selfish knowledge with Your wisdom.
Give me not only the wisdom to understand,
But the courage to live it out.
It is by You my heart continues on;
Only by Your Spirit will I move forward.

Lord Over All

You stand beside every victory and reign over the mighty;
You set the captives free.
By Your Spirit, every challenge You allow can be surpassed;
Every battle in Your favor shall be won!
There is no authority over You for Your throne is high above all the earth;
Kings and kingdoms will bow down lest they fall on their faces—
Oh how great is the Lord over all!

Act Of Love

Oh, how good He is to me!
Even more than I know…
What seems unfair is an unseen act of love.

What I don’t understand will one day come together.
He gathers the broken pieces and shapes them into something beautiful;
What was shattered becomes a masterpiece.

His children do not suffer in vain,
He is our reward;
His Kingdom will prosper and cannot be taken down.
As surely as the Lord lives, it will stand forever!

His light will overcome though darkness has not understood it.
They may cover their ears, but His name shall be proclaimed;
The sound of His voice shall be sustained!

More Beautiful

I may never fully take hold,
But still I will praise You.

I may not always feel Your love,
But still I will love You–
And oh, how Your love is greater than mine!

You loved me before I knew how.

You carried me before I could stand;

You spoke to me before I could say Your Name–
Oh, Your precious Name, Lord Jesus!

I always will love You–
Even deeper still!

I seek You and find You even more beautiful than before.

A Small Part In A Big Plan

Lord, I don’t know where it is You are leading me to, but I can somehow tell it is far more than I can imagine.
I may plan something that seems great, but I know You have something greater.
Whatever the task may be, thank You.
Thank You for allowing me to have a part in Your plan. It is an honor–privelege even–I love You, Lord.

Perfect Lamb

Fill our hearts, Lord, with a new song;
Renew our minds by a joyful morning.
Your name will be praised by those who love You–
Let us fall to our knees in worship.

Your beauty shall bring the enemies to silence;
Your majesty will stand over all the earth.
The rich and poor will bow alike;
The proud will soon fall on their faces.

Whose sacrifice is more worthy than Your own?
Who can take the place of Your Perfect Lamb?

You, As You Are

(Before sharing this, I just want to say God is there. Whether we reject it or choose to embrace it is up to us.)

You, oh Lord, are so beautiful to me!
Your hands are calloused from the hardest work,
Yet bring the softest touch.
Your eyes are strong and see deep within,
Yet yield a gentle gaze.
You sense the smell of evil quick,
Yet the smallest, pleasant aroma brings You joy.
You know the time of what has and hasn’t been;
You extend beyond width and depth of years.
You carry forth Your love to undeserving;
Your faithfulness to Your children never ceases.
Your throne stands high above the earth,
Yet You allow the weak upon Your lap who worship You.
Your voice can cause the mountains to tremble,
But Your peaceful whisper can be as a lowly bird in beautiful song.

I can ask of nothing else but for You to be Yourself, as You are, and always will be.
Earthly kings may waiver,
But You and Your ways will never cease.

Surely I Would Be No More

Lord, You are my hope. The life that is in me. Where would I be without You? Surely I would be no more. My fear would’ve overcome me. My trembling would’ve caused me to fall, my sickness would’ve eaten me through and my perseverance vanished. My patience would’ve ended, and anger would’ve gotten the better of me. Without You I would’ve taken a road that made me lost forever. But instead, because of You, my faith is restored. When I tremble in fear You bring peace to my soul. You set a way for me to go and prepare me for Your calling. You have brought me by Your side and taken me under Your wing. Your love has transcended all fear.

Don’t Settle For The Fast Food. :)

Sitting down in the kitchen, waiting for the granola I was fixing for breakfast, I pictured Jesus sitting next to me—only dressed as a normal guy. He began talking about what we put into our time spent in private with Him, reading His Word, praying, etc., is like the time we put into preparing food. Food that is a box dinner, frozen, etc., and requires little time and effort is going to be a less healthy, inviting, pleasant meal.
….just something I found in a prayer journal I wrote back in 2011.

Each One Will Be Accounted For

We are as tiny ants that wander the earth yet You know us by name.
We curse You and do what is shameful yet You refine us and make us holy.
We doubt and deny Your existence yet You show us mercy and forgiveness.
May we fall to our knees in worship;
Let our faces come to the ground as Your servants.
No one who defies You will continue to stand;
Anger and hate will be brought down.
The jealous and the proud will not be satisfied,
But will tear themselves apart.
Your children who serve You will be brought to their feet;
For those who glorify Your name You prepare a better place.
Not one of Your servants will be left out,
Each one will be accounted for.

I Find Hope And Peace

Your face is beautiful, oh Lord;
Your hands gentle but strong.
You look upon me with eyes of love and kindness.
You wipe away my every tear and bring healing to my soul.
You bring me out of every darkness and free me from the chains of the enemy.
You make my brokenness into something beautiful;
My weakness You make into something strong.
You have taken me into Your arms as Your child,
Nothing can pull me away.
You surround me with Your presence,
By Your Spirit I find hope and peace.

A Prayer for the Sake of Praying

Why do we pray? A fairly simple question, but not one that is always easily answered. I think we sometimes allow prayer to fall into a category of things we do habitually like turning the lights out, locking the doors, and brushing our teeth before bed.

I’m one of those people that gets rather annoyed when people say, “Hey! How are you?” and then walk away without giving you the chance to answer. I get annoyed because it doesn’t seem like a question of honestly caring how I’m doing, but more of a habitual question that has very little meaning or sincerity. We need to be sure when we pray it isn’t a habitual recitation, but a conversation with heart-felt requests, listening, thanksgiving, and praise given humbly before our Lord.

Prayer is definitely something we should do, but not just for the sake of praying. Think about the word “communication” for a minute, and how humans communicate with one another. We don’t only use our words but also our tone of voice, our facial expressions, our body language, our actions, and over-all attitude.

We wouldn’t tell a friend (or at least we shouldn’t) that we’d like to do something to help them and then go have a party with someone else. We wouldn’t tell them we love them while we treat them with a lack of respect. We wouldn’t ask for help and then complain when we don’t get exactly what we want right away. We wouldn’t get together with them and not let them get a word in edgewise. We wouldn’t accept a gift without saying thank you like we meant it. We wouldn’t treat them as though they had no value. We wouldn’t say the same. Thing. Every. Day. Neither should our communication with God be this way.

It’s easy to think of prayers as a one-way communication, requests and a few thank you’s written out on paper, put in an envelope, stamped, delivered to some far-away place, and hoping we get something back one day.

Well, God hears it, but there’s not a lot of communication going on there, and there’s going to be some serious set-backs in growing in our relationship with Him if this is the only way we communicate.

Before we pray, let’s think about why we are praying, how we are praying, and how we should be praying. Don’t pray for the sake of praying, but to ask hard questions, to seek wisdom, to worship, to give thanks…and even more importantly, to hear what God has to say. Prayer is simply a part of devoting our lives to Christ by communication.

So, let’s make sure we keep the communication of prayer along with our lifestyle with real meaning—not just a habit.


A Place

1494331588578Ever since I was young there’s always been a place I can come back to. A place on Jesus’ lap. In His arms. A place of peace. A place to cry, a place to let things go, a place to surrender, a place to ask for forgiveness, a place to say thank You, a place to just remember that everything’s going to be okay.

Oh, what a wonderful place!

If you haven’t yet, find some much-needed time, some quiet, (though I personally prefer some worship music…everybody’s different. 😉 ) and find this place.