A Lasting Strength

Through the crashing waves our Lord speaks;
By the rolling thunder His voice is known.
He calls us out to step in faith,
to follow where He leads.
He reaches down and guides us on to where we’re meant to be.
His Spirit in our hearts is placed;
He makes His presence known.
His love for us can’t be erased;
His magnificence is shown.
Everywhere is seen His mighty hand and a quite intricate art;
A lasting strength that doesn’t fade–it can’t be torn apart.

Fix Our Eyes On You

Only in You do I find hope; in Your arms my heart finds rest.

Where the weary fall and the weak faint I will not go, for Your strength carries on.

You bring healing to the broken and provide peace to those who trust in You; Your faithfulness continues on.

The wicked do not understand Your ways; no, even Your children cannot fully comprehend.

Much of You remains a mystery to all, even as we seek Your face.

Fix our eyes on You, Lord; draw our hearts nearer to Yours.

The Will Of The Lord Will Come About

The Lord is my foundation; firmly He holds me in place.
I cannot be torn down, for my God is with me.
In His word I find peace; His statutes guide me through the night.
He holds me tight within His arms; He protects me with the strength of His wings.
I am not alone, for the Lord is with me.
I do not need to be afraid, for the enemy flees from Him.
Nothing can separate me from the will of the Lord; He is my desire, the One that I seek.
He knows my every need and weakness; He cares for me in ways that I cannot see.
His ways are perfect and cannot be stopped; the will of the Lord will come about.

Who Can Satisfy?

Who can satisfy but the One who puts the desires within me?
Who can fill my hunger but my own Creator?
In my Father’s arms is my place of rest;
The Spirit of the Lord is my strength.
Where on my own I can’t continue,
He carries me through to a safe place.
My Father alone will forever be praised;
Even His enemies will fall at His feet.

His Strength Does Not Give In

The depths of Your love are deeper than the oceans floor; the height of Your wisdom is higher than the highest mountain top.
The length of Your mercy goes beyond what the eye can see; Your grace sustains forever.
Great and mighty is the Lord of all; He doesn’t bend at the strongest wind.
His strength does not give in;
He perseveres through the night.
He walks where no man can stand; He speaks where we cannot utter a sound.
He perceives what not one can understand; He creates what we cannot see.
He brings light to the darkest places; He exposes the works of the evil one.
There is a hunger only He can fill, a thirst only His Spirit can satisfy.
He gives to those who ask of Him; He provides for those who humbly seek for Him.
All the earth proclaims His majesty; by His people is His presence made known.

Something Beautiful

Your love, oh Lord, is sweet–even in days of bitterness.
Nothing can separate Your love from the hearts of those who worship You.
You piece together what is broken into something beautiful; You recover what is lost to a better place.
You reveal Your truth to those who seek You; You quench the thirst of those who long for You.
You give wisdom to those who ask and are willing to accept it; You sustain the strength of Your children who follow Your ways.
You carry what we are unable to bear; You overcome what is outside our control.
Your reasoning is more than we can understand;
Your knowledge more than we can comprehend.
Great and perfect are the works of Your hands;
Not one task goes uncompleted.

Who Can Understand It?

I pour my heart out to You, my God, Protector, and Healer.
You are my refuge; You keep me in a safe place.
Your eyes are upon me, Your child; You never look away.
You are my Strength when I am weak, and my Deliverer when I am lost.
You lift me up from the darkness; Your fire burns within me and guides me through troubled times.
You keep me in a safe place, and embrace me with Your love.
You pick me up when I have fallen; Your mercy continues on.
Nothing can stand against You; You are Lord over all the earth.
You are an All-Knowing and Powerful God, You understand what we cannot see.
You build as with bricks that which we cannot touch.
You piece together what we cannot separate, and hold together what would otherwise be scattered.
You carefully arrange the works of Your hands; in order You give them a place and function.
You take what seems to be useless and create a beautiful art; nothing can compare to the magnificence of what You have made!
Not a fraction of Your creation has no purpose; all that exists is put to good use.
Every star in the sky is within arms reach; the boundaries of time do not contain You.
The earth has been carefully placed, and cannot be moved without Your consent.
The days are carefully numbered; time does not pass without Your knowledge.
The world cannot comprehend Your ways; Your authority shall never be taken away–who can comprehend it?