With Every Victory, There Is A Challenge

Just as Jesus asked right before He died on the cross, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” sometimes as we take up our cross to follow Christ we will feel forsaken, but God is always in control. Jesus came back to life and conquered death…often times it is right before our greatest victories that we have our times of feeling like giving up, like we have been forsaken, and like we have no strength left. Don’t give up! With EVERY victory there is a challenge!!!


Where Our Heart Is

So fragile it can’t be left alone, 
Yet it can be as hard as stone.
Without it there all hope is gone,
And our life story can’t be drawn.

Where is it set? Is it in place?
Overflowing with love and grace?

What are our goals? Who leads the way?
Do we follow Christ, day by day?

Where our heart is set, all else relies.
Every man will fail, though he tries.

In Christ alone all hope is found,
Where hearts are set on solid ground.

Is God Our #1?


God should be our number one,
His love seen in our ways.
By His hands we see the sun,
He created all our days.

Looking back on our timeline,
Of all the things we’ve done,
To see what it is we find…
Are we pointing toward the Son?

Are our hours spent for our self-pleasure, or for others?
Are we living only for ourselves, or are we for our brothers?

Words Of Love

Captivated by Your Words of love, I never lose hope.

No man is more trust-worthy than You, my Father!

Your grace is sufficient for all I have need, it surpasses that of any other.

Your mercy has never ended, Your forgiveness has not been held back.

From where else can one find the hope that is in You?

From whom can one receive the gift of life You have shared?


You have met my needs, and far exceeded them.

I have failed You more than can ever be counted, yet still You pick me up.

Your Way goes before me, You find me when I go astray.

Through all my struggles You are there, in my weaknesses You give me strength.

In my doubting You give me faith, even at my darkest points You give me light.


Among the lies of this world Your truth stands out, and the wicked is brought to shame.

They scoff in their blindness, not seeing the evidence before them.

In so many ways Your truth can be seen, yet they stay in their ignorance with no hope or peace within themselves.

If they would only open their eyes and see You, and embrace Your kindness and love!


I am forever indebted to You for the hope that is in me.

I can never repay You for this peace that I have found!


In You, Oh Lord, I find my comfort.

In You, my God, I find my strength.

Through You, my King, I receive Your blessings.

Through You, my Father, I am filled with Your love!

Lights In The Night

In the shadows of Earth we see their light,
God’s beautiful art portrayed through the night.

His magnificent works we cannot erase,
Not one can be taken out of its place.

So numerous as sand on the seashore,
And covers the whole of the oceans floor.

They cannot be counted, nor made by a man,
They were all a part of His creation plan.

His greatness exceeds what is seen by our sight,
Not one can surpass His power and might.

He gives strength to the weary,
And the broken at heart.
Filling with love that won’t fall apart.

Shaping our lives with His loving hands,
Through struggles and trials he firmly stands.

Holding us up when the world slips away,
Protecting and guiding as He leads the way.