All May Fail But You

I hold tight to Your love–
Never will it leave me.
All may fail me but You, oh Lord!
My heart is wrapped by Your hands,
And my spirit will dwell in Your house forever!


A Life Worth Living

You, oh Lord, are the cause of my life,
And the Victor over my death.
You bring what is true success!

No one can take Your place or exceed Your perfect gifts;
Your love cannot be surpassed.

By Your strength I continue on;
You give me a life worth living for.

Over The Gap

Over the gap that no man can fill,
God gave up His Son of His own free will.
He paid all our debts,
He covered the cost
of all our mistakes–
He recovered the lost.
We step out on the bridge that Jesus has made,
Set our feet on the firm foundation He laid.
Our sins will be crushed,
Our lives be made pure;
His strength is inside us,
So we may endure.
Every task put before us,
And every struggle within,
With God on our side,

We will conquer and win!

Eternal Answer

We search the world for answers and find nothing that lasts.
We build our hope on what does not stand forever;
We rely on a strength that fades.
We bring fear upon ourselves as we rip the foundation from beneath our very own feet!
We try and take control on our own and what good comes of it?
We fall on our faces!
We take pride only to be humiliated;
We take a stand only to stumble around in darkness.
We seek pleasure only to drown in misery;
We long to be accepted by the world only to be rejected by God.

How long will we live this way?
Where is our hope, our foundation, our beliefs?
What are our goals, our passions, our pursuits?
Who are we living for?
Where is our mind set?
What is our purpose?

Let’s set our minds on Christ.
He is our only perfect, infallible, eternal answer.

This, Too, Shall Pass Away

Oh Lord, how blessed am I!
Never do I walk alone–
You keep fear far from me.

When I cannot stand You carry me;
When walking through storms You keep me upright.

You lift my spirit from the deepest sadness–
Only You can restore my soul.

There is no one like You, my King;
Your peace and joy comes from no other.

I look ahead and see only Your majesty.
Your righteousness outlasts all evil and Your Light will overcome all darkness.

The enemy persists and the wicked oppress the poor,
But this, too, will pass away–
Only Your Kingdom shall stand forever!

A Small Part In A Big Plan

Lord, I don’t know where it is You are leading me to, but I can somehow tell it is far more than I can imagine.
I may plan something that seems great, but I know You have something greater.
Whatever the task may be, thank You.
Thank You for allowing me to have a part in Your plan. It is an honor–privelege even–I love You, Lord.

I Shall

Who You created me to be,
That I shall be.
What You desire for me to know,
That I shall learn.
What You incline me to say,
That I shall say.
Where You plan for me to go,
There I shall go.
Where You will for me to stay,
There I shall remain.
What You instruct me to do,
That I shall do.
Your desires shall become mine–
Make me more like You!

The Full Meaning

Nothing can take the place of the Lord and His goodness;
He satisfies what was an unknown hunger.

A taste of His love exceeds that of any other–
It cannot be surpassed.

The Lord knows my every thought and desire;
He calls me by name to His inner courts.

My heart is captivated by His mercy and grace,
And no words can express the full meaning of His love.

Perfect Lamb

Fill our hearts, Lord, with a new song;
Renew our minds by a joyful morning.
Your name will be praised by those who love You–
Let us fall to our knees in worship.

Your beauty shall bring the enemies to silence;
Your majesty will stand over all the earth.
The rich and poor will bow alike;
The proud will soon fall on their faces.

Whose sacrifice is more worthy than Your own?
Who can take the place of Your Perfect Lamb?

Why the psalms?

Many times over the last two years as I’ve had multiple brain surgeries I have received so many comments such as, “You are so brave!” Ha…this is so far from true…

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably seen psalms that I’ve written and shared, and something that I think is often misunderstood is why these are written.

I will use one as an example:

“By You, oh Lord, I stand upright.
When I trust in You, I shall not be discouraged;
For Your plan cannot be set aside,
And Your time cannot be delayed.”

When I write this, it is not because I easily trust in God, never become discouraged, and think things are going just like they should. Quite the opposite.

“Who holds their head above Your own?
Whose throne stands over the Creator of life?”

I certainly do not write these because God needs to hear them…more like I need to hear them. I need to remind myself these things…like, constantly.

“You know my every suffering;
No pain goes on unnoticed.
By my side You walk with me;
You’ve given me life by giving up Your own.”

As I write these psalms, it is a sort of confirmation of choosing to take on the mind of Christ…instead of my own selfish, worrisome, conceited thoughts.

“Only You bring peace to my soul and true joy to my heart.
You made my very being–who can better satisfy?”

I can hardly imagine having a life without God. He is the fuel that keeps me burning. Even though at times I am a tiny flicker, ain’t nothin’ gonna put me out! 😉

Learn Your Ways

Be my vision, Lord;
When I look down the road ahead of me let it be You that I see.

Let what was of value become worthless and what was my own plan become faded.

May the way be narrow by distinct lines–
May Your Light cast shadows on the ways of this world so that I may be far from them.

Let me not stray away as I follow in Your steps;
Hold me near to Your heart so that I may learn Your ways.

I shall not be discouraged

By You, oh Lord, I stand upright.
When I trust in You, I shall not be discouraged;
For Your plan cannot be set aside,
And Your time cannot be delayed.

Who holds their head above Your own?
Whose throne stands over the Creator of life?

You know my every suffering;
No pain goes on unnoticed.
By my side You walk with me;
You’ve given me life by giving up Your own.

Only You bring peace to my soul and true joy to my heart.
You made my very being–who can better satisfy?

Only You Satisfy Me

Oh Lord, how I thirst for You!
When my mouth becomes dry, only you satisfy me.
When I become empty, only You fill me.
When my bones become weak, only You give me strength.
When my heart becomes broken, only You can restore me.
When my spirit is saddened, only You bring me joy.

I look to the Lord and all He has done–
There is no one like Him.
From the lowest valleys to the highest hills He shall be praised;
May every ear hear His holy Name!

I Come to You

I come to You fully broken, and You restore my spirit.
I come to You covered in sin, and You show me mercy.
I come to You in a weak body, and You offer me a new body that lasts forever.
I come to You undeserving, and You place a crown upon my head.
I come to You hungry, and You make me full.
I come to You wounded, and You heal me.
I come to You with weight on my shoulders, and You set me free.

Well Established

Pain tries to take hold of me, but to no avail, for I am already held.

Fear tries to carry me off, but does not succeed, for I am already carried.

Doubt tries to overwhelm me, but is struck down, for my faith has been well established.

By the Hands of the Lord I find peace;

In His arms I remain confident.

My hope is founded in the Savior;

His Kingdom will stand forever.

Search After the Lord’s Heart

Oh, how beautiful the Lord is!

It is a beauty that radiates like the sun and cannot be stopped.

You cannot look upon His face without seeing His authority;

You cannot hear His voice without acknowledging His power.

You cannot be in His presence without a taste of His love;

You cannot touch His feet without an overwhelming sense of peace.

Search after the Lord’s heart;

Draw close to His statutes.

Seek and find His perfect love;

His light does not go out by night.

His mercy covers a multitude of sins;

His grace leads in the perfect way.

The Lord forever will reign in me;

All my days I will serve Him.

A Warrior

I am a child of God;
A warrior at His feet.
He lifts me up to serve Him;
When I become weak He strengthens me.
He prepares me for every battle;
I do not go unarmed.
By His shield I am protected;
By salvation I am kept safe.
By His truths I will continue to stand;
Covered by His righteousness I will step forward.
With His Spirit in my right hand I shall face the enemy;
Evil powers will be brought down.
In the light of the Lord, sharing the gospel of peace victory will be achieved even in the darkest places.

By Your Laws I Become Steady

By Your understanding no fear remains;

By Your love my heart continues on.

By Your Spirit I have been restored;

By Your laws I become steady.

Every morning I am covered by Your grace;

Oh, how good You are to me!

Night and day I will praise You;

My hands will sing a new song.

At Your cross the old has passed away;

By Your blood I have been renewed.

Your goodness cannot be snatched away–

Your gift of life will last forever!

Victory At The Cross

Oh, how God sustains me!
There is not one greater than He;
His stronghold will stand forever!

My feet may fail, but my God will carry me.
When I call He hears me;
He knows every sound of my voice.
He uplifts my soul when I’m weary;
He calms my spirit in times of distress.

Without the Father to where does one call?
Without His foundation what does one build upon?
Without His law where does one stand?
Without His eternal promises how does one move forward?
Without His hope where does one find peace?

Without Him surely I would be lost forever.
I would be without direction and anxiety would have taken hold of me.

In the presence of the Lord there is no fear in death.
No, only victory at the cross.

Where The Lord Has Fixed My Eyes

Where the Lord has fixed my eyes will not be covered up;
Where He sets my feet will not be shifted.
The way that He has called me will not be blocked off;
The timing of His will will not be stretched out or cut short.
He has placed His desires within me and they cannot be withheld.
His Spirit leaves no room for fear;
His love puts out all hate and anger.

Nothing can separate me from my Father;
By His will alone I continue to stand.
In His strength I will fight the good fight;
By His grace I will win the race to which He has called me.
All doubt has been broken down and worry stripped away;
They cannot be found in the presence of the Lord.

You, As You Are

(Before sharing this, I just want to say God is there. Whether we reject it or choose to embrace it is up to us.)

You, oh Lord, are so beautiful to me!
Your hands are calloused from the hardest work,
Yet bring the softest touch.
Your eyes are strong and see deep within,
Yet yield a gentle gaze.
You sense the smell of evil quick,
Yet the smallest, pleasant aroma brings You joy.
You know the time of what has and hasn’t been;
You extend beyond width and depth of years.
You carry forth Your love to undeserving;
Your faithfulness to Your children never ceases.
Your throne stands high above the earth,
Yet You allow the weak upon Your lap who worship You.
Your voice can cause the mountains to tremble,
But Your peaceful whisper can be as a lowly bird in beautiful song.

I can ask of nothing else but for You to be Yourself, as You are, and always will be.
Earthly kings may waiver,
But You and Your ways will never cease.

To Take Up Our Cross

Where we become small,
God becomes bigger.
Where we become weak,
God becomes stronger.
Where we die to ourselves,
We are able to live for Christ.
Where we choose to surrender,
We are able to rest in the arms of our King.

These are things that He has done for us, and what it means to take up our cross and follow Him.

The Treasures Of The Lord

The Lord is my refuge and my strength.
He is the air that I breathe and the life that is in me.
His gift of life never ceases;
It cannot be torn apart.
Thieves cannot steal the treasures of the Lord;
The value of His love cannot be understood.
His promises sustain forever,
They cannot be broken.
His light shines through the darkest nights,
It cannot be swallowed up.
His Kingdom shall not pass away;
Though all earth fails, the house of the Lord shall have no end.
He brings joy to the hearts of His children;
His peace surrounds those who humbly serve Him.

The Treasure Of My Heart

The Lord is the treasure of my heart;
What once was valuable is worthless to me now.
Not one can compare to the depths of His love;
Nothing can exceed the compassion of the King.
He clothes me in white;
He places the crown of life upon my head.
He pours His grace out over me;
His mercies are new every morning.
He holds me in His lap and allows my head to rest on His shoulder;
In the arms of the Lord I find peace.
He hears my every cry and knows my every pain;
No harm can come to me apart from His will.
Nothing can separate me from the arms of my Father;
Nothing can remove me from His hands.

Oh, how beautiful are the words of the Lord!
They are as an art to the eye and music to the ear.
To His children they are sweet as honey to the mouth.
There is a pleasant aroma in the presence of the Lord.
There is no greater satisfaction than that which comes from the Lord;
He brings a completion no other can bring.

The Face Of The Lord

Oh, how beautiful are the things You have made!
Your voice is great, yet intricate.
Your works are vast, yet precise.
Your art is creative, yet perfect.
What You have made is beyond what the eye can see—
Much is not understood, and even more is yet to be discovered.

Can our minds contain the knowledge of the Lord?
Can a creation have the understanding of it’s Creator?
Certainly not.
We cannot fully see His fingerprints,
Let alone grasp His hands.
We struggle to hear His voice,
Let alone fully know the face of the Lord.

As An Eagle

The Lord soars over me as an eagle;
He sees me close and from afar off.
He keeps watch over me;
He sees from where I come and to where I am going.

On the mountain’s top He waits for me;
With a loud voice He calls my name.
He takes me in under the shelter of His wings;
By His instruction I am brought up.

Great rivers flow from the mountain of the Lord;
From His springs my thirst is satisfied.
In the presence of the Lord my strength is renewed;
In His courts my mouth does not run dry.

My Anxious Heart

My God calms my anxious heart;
He sustains my inner being.
He brings peace where the enemy works night and day to start war.

He brings victory where the world fails;
He brings success to the weak so that He may be glorified.

No darkness suppresses the Light of the Lord;
His flame cannot be vanquished.

His Spirit does not grow weary;
No task is too great for the hands of the Lord!

Surely I Would Be No More

Lord, You are my hope. The life that is in me. Where would I be without You? Surely I would be no more. My fear would’ve overcome me. My trembling would’ve caused me to fall, my sickness would’ve eaten me through and my perseverance vanished. My patience would’ve ended, and anger would’ve gotten the better of me. Without You I would’ve taken a road that made me lost forever. But instead, because of You, my faith is restored. When I tremble in fear You bring peace to my soul. You set a way for me to go and prepare me for Your calling. You have brought me by Your side and taken me under Your wing. Your love has transcended all fear.

Thank You, Lord, for loving me…

Thank You, Lord, for loving me,
For always holding me near.
When walking with me and talking with me,
You keep me far from fear.

You show me ways that I can grow to be more like You;
You teach me, Lord, that I may know how to love as You do.

You guide me through every stormy night;
You lift me as waters rise.
You keep me on the path that’s right;
You lead me by Your eyes.

You see beyond what I can see,
You know my every need.
You have a plan laid out for me—
Who You’ve created me to be.

You remind me that I’m not an accident,
A failure, or mistake.
Where I am I have been sent,
I am here for others’ sake,

To spread Your love and gift of life amongst the lost and broken,
To bring peace amidst the strife—
Share Your forgiveness of our sin.



A Voice

The night settles,
The coolness comes in,
The stars reveal their beauty within.

There’s something close though it seems far away,
I hear someone calling, I hear a voice say:

“Be still and know that I am your God, Shepherd, and Friend.
I will always be with you, I am the beginning and the end.

I will guide you and keep you close by my side,
Do not be afraid, I will always provide.”

I close my eyes and ponder these things in my heart,
It’s beauty and peace is as an incredible art.

I cannot let go of any words that I hear,
So special to me…I hold them so dear.

I will not forget the words from my Love,
And the gift that my God sent  from above.

Victory Calls!

Victory calls, it knows my name!
The strength of the Lord endures forever;
True failure does not know the children of the King!
The hearts who do not know the Lord are saddened;
They live without His purpose—they are here today and gone tomorrow.
The mountains tremble and waves crash;
They drown in anger and fear.
But the servants of the Lord will rejoice and praise Him;
They will enter His courts with gladness!
All pain and suffering will be torn away;
We will be clothed in peace and given crowns of endurance.
The power of the enemy has been lost;
He only takes what is presented him.
The Shepherd has come to save;
He’s given Himself out of love for His sheep.
All who seek the Creator shall find Him;
Those who seek the world will only receive such.

Follow His Hand

Who brings peace with strife?
Who settles conflict with anger?
Who can have the love of Christ and not share it with a stranger?

Who succeeds by being idle?
Who gains without a purpose?
How can we achieve, without His Spirit inside us?

What good is worry, that we hold it so dear?
Who adds to their life, while drowning in fear?

We can all give our best, but what will it achieve,
If still we do not let our God take the lead?

To function the intricate way He has planned,
We must follow His example—the Ways of His hand.


My Shepherd

1CC03A6A-DD99-473E-A72D-9D059BC50248My Father searches for me;
He saves me from the enemy’s hand.
He holds me in His arms;
I do not go hungry.
He leads me through every valley,
And is my light when the evening comes.
When I begin to stray He calls my name;
He brings me back to a safe place.
In His full protection, worry does not exist;
Where His Spirit surrounds me, thieves do not break in.

Lord Over All

How great is our God who is Lord over all!
You cannot count the number of His days;
His time cannot be written down.
His arms stretch far out;
His height and width cannot be measured.
At the sound of His voice mountains tremble;
At His command storms will rest.
All of mankind shall bow at His feet;
His children will rejoice and be glad!

Exalt The Most High

Exalt the Most High over all the earth;
Praise the Holy One whose love endures forever!
His foundations do not crumble;
His throne will forever stand.
He brought Himself down so that our cost can be paid;
He took pain upon Himself so that we can be set free.
He alone is worthy of our worship;
On our knees we bow before Him.
Never can we repay Him for what He has done;
The victory He gives we will never deserve.
Yet still He invites us in;
He calls us to accept His love.
To the broken and hurting He offers a place at His table;
He serves and gives gifts to each one.
There is no other god or friend such as this;
No, not one can be accounted for!

The Perfect Way Of Our Lord

You, my Father, bring to me what is good;
You keep me in a safe place.
You know the way that is right;
Night and day You guide me.
When my feet start another path,
You bring me back by Your correction.
When my legs start to fail me,
You lift me up and set my legs straight.
Your love, oh Lord, provides direction;
Your wisdom sets me on the perfect way.

Run The Race

You, oh Lord, do to me what is good;
Forever You are faithful.
What brings pain to my earthly body brings wisdom to my spirit;
What breaks down my pride uplifts my soul.
Where trials persist,
You are the patience that is in me;
When storms come,
You are the foundation that holds me steady.
Day and night my faith is tested,
But I hold close to You.
My body may grow weary,
But You give strength to run the race to which You have called me.


You, oh Lord, shall direct my ways;
You guide me on the straight path.
Out of love You give correction;
With endless mercy You forgive my wrongdoings.
How great is Your love, oh Lord!
You bring hope to the hopeless and joy to the broken-hearted.
There’s a peace that is only found in You,
A satisfaction that only You can give.
You are the life that is in me;
Through You I have been restored.

You Are There

In times of gladness, You are there.
In times of great sorrow, You are there.
In times we are satisfied, You are there.
In times of disappointment, You are there.
In times of great joy, You are there.
In times of heartache, You are there.
In times of relief, You are there.
In times of heavy burden, You are there.
Never do You leave us;
Forever You are faithful.
In You, Oh Lord, my hope is grounded.

You Are All

All that I am, You have made me;
All nature around me, You have created.
All that has happened, You have allowed it—not a bird falls without Your knowledge.
All our sin You have taken upon Your own shoulders—You have been bruised and beaten for our iniquities.
All our punishment You take on Yourself if we allow it;
All fear of death is taken away if we walk the Way of Life.

Speak Out

Speaking things out often helps give us determination and confidence, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Words can be powerful when we allow them to be.

Many of you who have been following my blog have probably read my personal psalms and poems that I have shared. As I’ve been going through quite a lot at this point in my life, laying everything down at Jesus’ feet has been no simple task nor has simply putting all my faith and trust in Him. Part of what’s helped me get through things is through prayer and writing these psalms—speaking out with confidence that God is great, He is worthy to be praised, I am His child, He has healed me, the enemy is overcome, etc.(though many times I sure don’t feel like saying these things)

So my point is this:
No matter what you’re going through, you need to SPEAK OUT.  Even when you don’t feel like it. God is on our side and we have victory over the enemy—we can’t forget that! Usually when things are the hardest to say is when they are most needed to be said.

It Is You

It is You, oh Lord, that I long for;
You satisfy my every thirst and fill my every hunger.

It is You, my God, that I need;
You heal me from every sickness and give me strength.

It is You, my Father, who makes my heart content;
Your love never ceases.

It is You, my King, who shall reign forever—who can better satisfy?

Cannot Be Silenced

Lord, renew my strength so that I may praise You;
Breathe Your Spirit into me so that You will be exalted.
Even when persecuted, Your people will praise You;
When held back, they will only become stronger.
The voice of Your children will always be heard—
They cannot be silenced.
Great is Your name over all the earth—it will not be suppressed.

My Heart Grows Weary

My body becomes stiff and my heart grows weary.
My legs get to where they can hardly stand and my head can no longer be lifted up.

I fall to my knees before You,
For still You are worthy to be praised.
With my face to the ground I worship,
For You alone are to be glorified.

You are my source of strength and Your Spirit is the air that I breathe.
You, O God, restore my soul.
You, my Lord, keep my heart uplifted.

You Give Life


You withstand pain that the strongest man cannot survive.
You take hold of death that mankind cannot even see.
You bear the weight of sin that is not Your own;
You take all shame upon Yourself.
You take the punishment of death and offer restoration of life.
For a life that is broken,
You give life that is new.
For life that is short,
You give life that is eternal.
For a life that is empty,
You give a life that is filled.
A life that is in darkness,
You bring into light.

Seeking Wisdom From The Lord

With our hands we shed innocent blood;
With our feet we walk upon broken bones.
We point our fingers and accuse;
We cast stones by our angry words.
We boast in our belongings yet they are as heavy chains about our ankles—blessed is the man who is free from them!
We claim to know more than every previous generation, but we place our hands over our ears to wisdom.
Let’s put down anger and resentment and offer hands of kindness.
Let’s walk on a path that is right, and leads to life and peace.
Let’s give to those who have need, putting our hope in the unseen.
With a humble heart, let’s seek wisdom from the Lord and our elders, and our ways will be made straight.

You Still Remain

Through storms Your voice can still be heard;
In lost places You are within arms reach.

When denied, You remain faithful;
When mocked, You continue to give;
While hate rises against You, Your love remains firm.

Over all sin and shame Your forgiveness reigns.
Over darkness and regret Your light overcomes.

You call to the weary, You wait at the door for the hurting.
You desire to heal the broken heart;
You long to restore every man’s soul.

You seek after the lost and bring food to the hungry;
You satisfy in a way only You can–
What the world brings does not last,
All that it offers does not fully fill.
These things become broken;
They do not stand through strong winds.

But You, O Lord, still remain.
With Your arms stretched out You offer a place.
A place of no hurting or shame;
Where no man can bring down.
A place of restoration and peace;
Where Your love overwhelms.

Your Light Will Overcome

I look upon You, oh Lord;
Day and night I seek Your face.
You take my every thought captive;
All anger and fear becomes dry as dust—Your Spirit washes away all doubt.
You turn my tears of sadness to tears of joy;
My distress fades away.
You restore my soul and weary heart;
By Your Spirit You supply me.
Your love is not measured out, but generously given—how great is Your love, oh Lord!
In You I remain confident;
By Your strength I continue to stand.
May all glory be upon You;
Kings and servants will be at Your feet.
No darkness will prevail,
For Your light cannot be overcome.
All deceivers will be revealed,
All truths will be brought out.
You alone will be lifted high;
Only You are worthy to be praised.

A Wisdom Unknown To Man

Who can understand all the ways of the Lord?
Who can comprehend the works of His hands?
Who knows His every thought?
How can we know the every move of One we cannot see?
How can we explain the reasoning of One so great?
When does a child understand all the ways of his father?
When do sheep comprehend the thoughts of their shepherd?
His thoughts are higher than our thoughts;
He has a wisdom unknown to man.

He Who Makes Me Strong

My God, who loves me, brings victory to my soul.
Every fear He overcomes;
His joy breaks down all distress.

Through all pain he comforts my heart;
In all valleys He sustains me.
He is my protector;
The strongest of men cannot take me from Him.

He has laid before me the way to go;
He corrects me when I stray from it.
For every challenge He prepares me;
Through every hardship it is He who makes me strong.

The Easy Road Or The Right Road?

We make ourselves content with what the world has to offer;
We become proud with our earthly possessions.
We are vain of our fleshly being,
While allowing our hearts to become filthy.
We ask and expect so much,
While hardly giving more than empty words.
We are quick to receive grace and mercy while turning our heads from Your correction.
Instead of seeking You we follow the crowd;
Our discipleship is replaced by shallow friendship.
We serve when it is convenient and not too hard;
We give when we have no need.
We speak when we will receive no ridicule and our voice will be heard;
We say Your name when we will not be mocked.
We live in fear instead of by faith;
We walk where it is easy,
Not the straight narrow road.
We trust in ourselves,
Rather than our Creator;
We live for ourselves,
Rather than for our Savior.
We hear words,
But don’t take them to heart;
We allow only our outside to be seen while hiding what’s within.
Make our ways straight, O God;
Renew our hearts and minds to be more like Yours.
Open our eyes to Your truth and ears to Your wisdom;
Prepare us to receive Your Holy Spirit so that we may worship You in all our ways.
Replace our fear with confidence in You;
May our faith stand strong as You lead us on.

You Know What Is Right

O Lord, You know every part of my being;

No thought, word, or deed goes unnoticed.

Search my heart, O God;

Bring out any evil that is in me.

Guide me in a way that is good,

You know the way that is right for me.

You bring light into darkness;

You reveal to us our enemies so we cannot be fooled.

We cannot be brought down,

For You are greater.

We cannot be taken away,

For You are stronger.

The victory has already been achieved;

Every battle has already been won.

Each One Will Be Accounted For

We are as tiny ants that wander the earth yet You know us by name.
We curse You and do what is shameful yet You refine us and make us holy.
We doubt and deny Your existence yet You show us mercy and forgiveness.
May we fall to our knees in worship;
Let our faces come to the ground as Your servants.
No one who defies You will continue to stand;
Anger and hate will be brought down.
The jealous and the proud will not be satisfied,
But will tear themselves apart.
Your children who serve You will be brought to their feet;
For those who glorify Your name You prepare a better place.
Not one of Your servants will be left out,
Each one will be accounted for.

Our House

You, oh Lord, are our Shield and Protector;
When the enemy comes You bring us to a safe place.
Evil comes from behind where we cannot see,
But You look upon us and guide us away from its reach.
Where the wicked ensnare and bring death to the innocent,
You lead us on to a prosperous land.
On Your foundation our house will always stand;
Built on Your cornerstone it cannot be brought down.

Who Am I?

Who am I that you have looked upon me?
Who am I that you have laid Yourself down for me?
I have broken Your laws yet You make my ways straight.
I stumble and fall but You bring me to my feet.
I become broken but You make me whole again.
I become weak but You make me strong.
I become discouraged but You renew the life that is in me.
You show mercy and receive me as Your child.
Never will I deserve the grace You have shared.
There is no place I would rather be than in Your presence, my almighty Father.

One God Alone

May all who are hungry bless the Lord and His name!
Honor His Word in all you do so you will not be put to shame.
The proud will crumble, the stubborn brought to their knees,
There is no place at the King’s table for men such as these.
Make known to all people the goodness of our Lord:
Darkness cannot overcome the blood that He has poured.
His love is greater than all hatred on this earth.
He offers us new bodies—a chance of a new birth.
This life He gives cannot be taken;
His Kingdom above cannot be shaken.
Rejoice in the Lord, may your faith be made strong.
May we live in one accord,
As He comes before too long.
Even the wicked will bow at His throne;
All will see one God alone.

My Voice Is Heard

I cry out to my God and He hears me;
I call upon His name and my voice is heard.
I look upon His face and He sees me;
I run towards Him and He reaches for my hand.
I open my heart before Him and any darkness is taken out.
All fear and doubt slips away;
All sin and evil has been overcome.
No hate or anger is greater than His love;
No shadows can cover His light.

His Mysterious Works

My God brings rest to my soul;
He calms my spirit within me.
By His hand I am lifted;
I am carried away from every darkness.
All shadows are behind me;
I stand before His glorious light.
The Lord of love fills my heart to overflowing,
There is no place left unfilled.
He brings peace to my mind and relief to my bones;
His strength brings life to my body–He keeps me upright.
His feet are firm upon the ground;
No man can make them move.
His strength cannot be measured,
Nor can we understand it.
Great and mighty are His ways,
Mysterious are the works of my Father.

Yet To Be Discovered

Your joy and peace extend beyond the world;
Your love heals every broken heart.
The seen and the unseen reveal Your majesty,
The known and the unknown surround every living thing.
So much of Your work is yet to be discovered;
So little of Your creation is yet to be understood.
Not one can grasp the mind of God;
No man can comprehend it.

I Find Hope And Peace

Your face is beautiful, oh Lord;
Your hands gentle but strong.
You look upon me with eyes of love and kindness.
You wipe away my every tear and bring healing to my soul.
You bring me out of every darkness and free me from the chains of the enemy.
You make my brokenness into something beautiful;
My weakness You make into something strong.
You have taken me into Your arms as Your child,
Nothing can pull me away.
You surround me with Your presence,
By Your Spirit I find hope and peace.

The Grasp of Doubt

My God delivers me from fear of the enemy;
He takes me away from the grasp of doubt.
He lifts me up when I begin to sink;
He brings peace through every storm.
Through every trial He carries me,
In every pain He gives me strength;
He sustains me through every trouble.
He brings healing to my brokenness and guides me in the way I should go.
He knows me from my first to last breath;
On His path He will lead me.
Every way He puts before me He will guide my heart;
He prepares me for His work.
In His hands He holds me;
With His light His glory is shown.
My life is within His arms;
Not my will, but His will will be completed.

A Lasting Strength

Through the crashing waves our Lord speaks;
By the rolling thunder His voice is known.
He calls us out to step in faith,
to follow where He leads.
He reaches down and guides us on to where we’re meant to be.
His Spirit in our hearts is placed;
He makes His presence known.
His love for us can’t be erased;
His magnificence is shown.
Everywhere is seen His mighty hand and a quite intricate art;
A lasting strength that doesn’t fade–it can’t be torn apart.