A True Dance

The other night I was trying to relax as I listened to a new album with many songs I’d never heard before. In my mind it was as though I was dancing to the music, but rather unsure of myself as I wasn’t sure what was coming next in the song.

We go through so many phases in life–several at a time, really. While there may be repeated movements, life is always a new dance, a new song. It’s easy to be so afraid we will mess up that when we do, we tend to concentrate on our mistakes rather than the music–God’s music–extending the mistakes all the more.

To be sure, we need to be aware of our moves, our surroundings, and our attitude. But even more importantly we need to have our ear turned to God, concentrating on His music, His timing, and going with things as they come. That is when our dancing will naturally become graceful, beautiful, and truly lovely as His music is portrayed through us.

Question for today~
Whose music are you dancing to?


God’s Music

Most who know me know I love music. When asked what my favorite kind of music is, I’ve always said I don’t have a favorite as I typically like listening to some of everything. But tonight, as I listen to the sound of the rain, I’ve decided I do have a favorite–and that is “God’s music”.

I love the sound of hundreds of frogs and crickets at night, (though I’m so NOT a bug or frog fan lol) waves crashing at the beach, voices singing in harmony, the rustling of leaves from the wind, the crackling of a fire, a flowing river, birds in the morning…just to name a few. Perhaps “God’s music” is an unusual title, but as God is the Creator of the “instruments”, the timing, the key, the length of the song, and more, I find it quite fitting.

Just an evening thought… 🙂

Jesus And Our Life Song

09BA7F0F-876F-4E2E-8659-9275CAB07178This evening as I was listening to some light piano music, instead of writing in my prayer journal as I intended, I began day dreaming…again.

I pictured myself at a piano trying to write a song. I’d get a few notes I liked, but then would get stuck as to what to play next. After awhile I became frustrated. Then Jesus came into the picture. (That’s always a good sign, right? 😉)

He came and sat next to me and had me start playing again. I started to play, but like before, I got stuck. Only this time Jesus immediately put His hand to the piano and played just a few notes that got me to where I immediately knew what to play next. We continued on like this and it was beautiful. Not just for the music itself, but for the way we were able to function together.

The song was my life, and allowing Jesus to help me in writing the song was allowing Him to help write my life story. It’s easy to want to write our life story all by ourselves and get all the credit. But to be sure, it’s not going to be anywhere near as beautiful.